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We’re always surprised when Love Island contestants reveal that they have gone to university because we always assume that the majority of Islanders go on their to become an influencer.

Let's be honest, during the early series of the show it genuinely seemed that they applied to have fun, find love and just take a break from their normal 9-5.

Fast forward seven years and it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you go on the show you’re going to have an all inclusive holiday, potentially fall in love, bag a million Instagram followers, sign some brand deals, do some PAs and post hashtag ads every day on the ‘gram.

Love Island 2018 star Dr Alex George lived the influencer life for a few months but then realised he “genuinely missed working for the NHS” and returned to his job.

And in 2020 when the pandemic first began, Love Island 2019 star Anna Vakili took a break from her influencer lifestyle and return to her job as a pharmacist.

But what about the rest of the Islanders?

They usually either take a break from uni before going onto the show or shortly after bagging their degree they head straight into the villa.

So we thought now is the perfect time to have a look at which Love Island stars have a degree and whether they're using it after going on the show…

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The Love Island contestants who have bagged themselves a degree

chloe burrows love island
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Chloe Burrows - aka the Islander responsible for "No whey" - studied at the University of Liverpool and got herself a degree in Marketing.

Shaughna Phillips
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Shaughna Phillips entered the villa during the first ever Love Island winter version in South Africa. However before going on the show she was a democratic services officer and according to The Face she got a Journalism degree at London South Bank University. Shaughna has since released a collection with In The Style and regularly posts ads on Instagram.

Dr Alex George
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The most obvious Islander to have a degree is Dr Alex George. Before heading into the villa he was an A&E doctor who worked at the University Hospital Lewisham in South East London. A few months after just missing out on the final, Dr Alex decided to return to his job. Fast forward a couple of years and Boris Johnson has appointed him as a Mental Health Ambassador.

millie court
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Millie Court was a style queen in the Love Island 2021 villa and turns out, before going onto the show she worked at ASOS after bagging a 2:1 in Fashion Buying and Brand Management at Ravensbourne University.

Yewande Biala
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Irish beauty Yewande Biala shocked us all when she revealed she went to university at 16 - clever! She got a first in her Biotechnology undergraduate degree and then completed her Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Regulation masters degree. She's since become a full-time influencer and YouTuber but has hinted that she would return to her job before finding fame.

Camilla Thurlow
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One of the sweetest contestants to ever go on Love Island is Camilla Thurlow and she also got a Sport and Exercise Science degree in Loughborough University before going into the villa. Since leaving the show Camilla has starred in her own documentary that saw her return to her humanitarian work, she's released her own book and had a baby.

Anna Vakili
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Months after leaving the villa, Anna Vakili revealed that she'd had earned so much money from the show that her mum was able to quit her job. However before heading onto Love Island, Anna got herself a Pharmacy degree at Kingston University and went on to work as a pharmacist.

Michael Griffiths
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He didn't have the best "image" following his time on Love Island. Remember when he savagely dumped Amber Gill and then when Joanna Chimonides left the villa, he tried to win Amber back? Anyway, before going onto Love Island in 2019, Michael bagged himself a Biomedical Science degree before becoming a firefighter.

Leanne Amaning
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She didn't have much luck in the villa but before going onto Love Island 2020, Leanne got a Psychology degree at the University of Nottingham and a first in a masters degree. Although she's since become an influencer she has hinted that she'd like to use her qualifications. Stay tuned.

sharon gaffka
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Before going into the villa, Sharon was studying a Law degree.

Ollie Williams
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He was only in the villa for three days before realising that he was 'in love' with his ex-girlfriend and quitting the show. Outside of the villa, Ollie got a Criminology degree at Royal Holloway University in London.

Wes Nelson
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Before going onto the ITV2 show, Wes was an electrical and nuclear systems design engineer after bagging a Engineering degree. He hasn't returned to his job before fame but he's used his platform to his advantage - after earning a tonne of cash from PAs he made "wise investments", he is now a millionaire. He's also released an absolute banger - watch this space.

kaz kamwi
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Kaz was a full-time influencer before she even went into the villa but before that she studied Sociology at Birmingham City University.

Nas Majeed
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Before going into the Love Island villa in 2020, Nas Majeed was a builder but he actually has a Sports Science degree too.

Demi Jones
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Love Island 2020 bombshell Demi Jones worked hard and got herself a History and Archaeology degree in 2019 - a few months before going into the villa.

Eva Zapico
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Not only is Love Island 2020 bombshell Eva Zapico rich (we're judging this purely off her boujee looking house) but she's also got herself a Business Management degree after studying at the University of Nottingham.

Priscilla Anyabu
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Priscilla Anyabu managed to sweep Mike Boateng off his feet in the villa but outside of the show she got herself a degree in International Business.

Callum Macleod
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Callum Macleod was the first contestant dumped from Love Island 2019 but at least he has a Maths degree to fall back on? Although with 280k Instagram followers he often posts ads on the 'gram.

liberty poole
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Before becoming an OG Love Island 2021 star, Liberty Poole was studying Marketing at Birmingham University.

Jordan Waobikeze
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Remember Casa Amor bombshell Jordan Waobikeze who was coupled up with Rebecca Gormley? Well, either way before going into the villa he got a degree in Biology/Biological Sciences.

Luke Trotman
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Another Love Island 2020 star who went to university is Luke Trotman but he was actually in his second year of uni before going on the show. Although in September 2020 he revealed he's currently finishing his final year for his Banking, Finance and Management degree. He's also an influencer and has created a clothing brand with his girlfriend Siânnise Fudge.

Tyler Cruickshank
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Tyler isn't just a hot bombshell, he's actually got a degree in Law.

Jess Gale
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Another contestant who went into the villa before completing their Psychology degree at UCL is Jess Gale. The reality star deferred university and we're not sure if she plans on going back.

Eve Gale
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Following in her sister's footsteps, Eve deferred her Geography degree at King's College London. Again, we're not sure whether she'll be going back any time soon.

Hayley Hughes
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Despite claiming she didn't know anything about Brexit, Hayley got three Bs at A level and went on to study Childhood and Youth Studies at Liverpool Hope University but she dropped out to become an actress.

love island aaron beach hut
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He wasn't in the Love Island villa long but that's fine because Aaron has a degree to fall back on - International Relations and Economics. Sounds fancy.

hugo hammond
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It was well known that Hugo was a PE teacher before going into the villa and it turns out he's got a degree in Sports Coaching.

love island chuggs
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Chuggs' time in the villa was short but sweet but it's not too bad because he's got a degree to rely on - Business and Management.

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Another reality star who recently graduated from university is TOWIE star Frankie Sims.

While it's unknown what course she got a degree in, Frankie managed to get a first-class degree at the University of Central Lancashire back in 2018.

Fast forward a year and Frankie joined the TOWIE cast alongside her older sister Chloe Sims and younger sister Demi Sims.

Since joining the show in 2019, Frankie has had a fair bit of drama. She fell for Harry Lee but their relationship wasn't easy especially with his ex Chloe Brockett in the picture.

Following their year anniversary, Frankie and Harry split amid reports that they had 'blazing rows' and ITVBe viewers got to see their break-up on the show.

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