EXCLUSIVE Love Island’s Samuel Agbiji reveals ‘mad’ food rule that means you never see the cast’s meals

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If you're as obsessed with Love Island as us, you'll probably realise that we rarely see the Islanders eat breakfast and lunch and we never ever see them having dinner unless they're on a date.

We've been racking our brains trying to figure out why we never see them eating their tea - are they too camera shy? Do they go out to eat? What do they eat? Who cooks?

Well, now we know the answer - they do eat in front of cameras but it's never shown.

Love Island 2022 Casa Amor bombshells Jack Keating and Samuel Agbiji exclusively told Closer Online that there are strict, strict rules around food in the villa. They also gave away all of the food they ate during their short time in the villa and it sounds DELISH.


In an episode of Closer's Love Island Secrets, Jack and Sam were asked what was the most surprising behind the scenes fact that shocked them during their time in the villa and they both agreed that it was the bizarre rules around eating.

Jack revealed, "[It was] the eating for me, you never see people have dinner or lunch on the show and before going in I always wondered how and when do you eat? You actually get catering for lunch and the lads and the girls sit separately at the time so there’s no villa chat. It was really hard."

Sam added, "It was mad because when you’re eating you want to talk about what’s going on but you can’t because it effects the filming."

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Turns out the girls and boys being separated is all to do with allowing the Islanders to have a break to eat and it not interrupting the flow of filming, which could be why they are all encouraged to not talk about all the drama that is happening in the villa.

love island jack keating

This isn't the first time the rules around eating have been discussed, as 2020 Islander Connagh Howard also confessed that the one thing that surprised him in the villa was that the boys and girls are separated when they eat.

"I suppose the only thing I thought was a bit weird was that at dinner time the boys and girls were separated."

love island
We usually see the Islanders eat when they're on a date ©ITV

Connor Durman then added, "For me it was not knowing the time.

"I thought you'd be able to know the time but we [weren't] allowed."

Despite rarely seeing the Islanders eat, OG Connor confessed that his favourite meal was a Greek dish.

love island connor
Connor's revealed his favourite dish in the villa ©ITV

"My favourite meal was this Greek tapas one day for the lunch and I absolutely loved it. The food was lovely out there."

Love Island 2021 star Lucinda Strafford also opened up about where they eat in the villa.

"We get pull out chairs and tables and we eat our lunch just outside the kitchen on the patio area," she revealed in Closer's Love Island Secrets.

And Love Island 2018 star Alexandra Cane has also confessed, "We do have to be monitored on what we eat just to make sure that everyone in the house is eating sufficient amounts.

"So nobody is going to get ill. Lunch and dinner were not shown because we had to eat certain amounts."


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