Love Island’s Jack Keating and Samuel Agbiji reveal what the cast really eat

The Casa Amor bombshells have revealed exactly what the Islanders chow down on


by Alex Ross |

If you spend your every waking moment thinking about Love Island, just like us, then you’ve probably wondered about what the Islanders eat during their time in the villa.

Sure, we often seeing them making breakfast for each other and munching on a late-night snack or two, but what exactly do they have for lunch or dinner? It’s one of the most closely guarded Love Island secrets as their mealtimes aren’t shown on TV.

We caught up with dumped Casa Amor bombshells Jack Keating and Samuel Agbiji who spilled the beans (no pun intended) about what the Islanders eat and, frankly, it sounds DELISH.

When asked what their favourite meals inside the villa were, Samuel said, “My favourite was probably the chicken. There was a specific one.”

“The jerk chicken we had was banging, big time,” Jack added.

As for their least favourite, Jack admitted the roast dinners were a bit too much to handle in the Spanish sunshine.

He explained, “We had a Sunday roast on Sunday and we literally had it as soon as we woke up so it was just a bit too much to eat. I had a couple pieces of turkey and I was ready for bed again.”

Jack was NOT a fan of the villa's Sunday roast

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This isn’t the first time fans have been given a glimpse into the food in the villa as villa runner Bella spilled the beans on what the Islanders ask for in scenes aired on spin-off Aftersun in 2019.

She said, “I look after all of the Islanders’ wants and needs, which usually includes food. This is the back of the larder. This is where we put all of the Islanders’ requests. Islanders love snacks: crisps, cookies, chocolate – and they love coffee.”

Viewers rarely see Islanders eating their meals on the show

Although viewers rarely get to see the Islanders eating on the main show, Bella confirmed they boys especially go through a LOT of food, adding, “All of the food is by a catering company and the guys eat a lot of food. A lot of protein. They will have three or four chicken breasts in one meal.”

She also revealed Anton Danyluk was always asking for breath spray, while Tommy Fury went through half a bottle of mayonnaise per day. That's a LOT of egg-based condiment for one man.

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