TOWIE: Saffron Lempriere speaks out on Amber Turner ‘quitting’ show

There's been rumours that Amber has quit Essex

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As strong as the TOWIE cast is collectively, let's be brutally honest for a sec; it just wouldn't be the same without resident scene queen Amber Turner.

It would be like watching Mean Girls without Regina George; sure, the film would still be cute, but it would be significantly drama/one-liner free and nobody wants that Mean Girls.

Amber Turner
Amber Turner ©©ITV Plc

Unfortunately, since her split with ex Dan Edgar in May 2023, her recent (and undeniable) soaring status as an jet-setting influencer girly, and now Dan's very public fling with Ella Rae Wise (and Amber's understandable feelings toward it), rumours of an Amber Turner x TOWIE exit have been rife (despite Amber publicly slamming them recently).

It's got to the point now, where we're anticipating an official Instagram statement any day now – you know, one of those profound ones that ends with a white emoji heart.

Nevertheless, we're still on tenterhooks; frankly, we're debating writing the piece just to have it ready in our CMS.

But according to a TOWIE frenemy of Amber's, we should perhaps – at least for now – hold off, and the rumour mill should perhaps stop spinning and give it a rest...

Saffron Lempriere
Saffron Lempriere ©©ITV

In a recent sit-down with OK!, Saffron Lempriere opened up about reconciling with the leader of 'Girl Band' and confirmed that the Regina George of Essex is, in fact, going no where any time soon.

Speaking of Dan's new relationship with Ella, Saffron told the publication, "Me and Amber have just settled our differences after many years, so I see both sides. But Ella’s really happy and hasn’t done anything wrong.

"Whatever people think of Amber, it’s under her nose, so you can see why it’s tough, but Dan says that she did him wrong too. I’m friends with all of them, so you’ve just got to see it for what it is – but who knows what will happen?"

Ella and Dan have grown close this season
Ella and Dan have grown close this season ©©ITV Plc

Saffron, then turned her attention to the Queen B herself, stressing, "Amber hasn’t left TOWIE, though. There were a lot of things in the press saying that she has, but she hasn’t."

We obviously never like when rival publications get to the tea first, but on this occasion we professionally thank our friends at OK! – and Saffron – for clarifying, as we were starting to lose sleep over this one.

We're just loyal subjects who need our queen.

Amber and Dan together in 2019
Amber and Dan together in 2019 ©(Photo by Mark R. Milan/GC Images)

Amber joined the cast of TOWIE in 2017, and is best known for her relationship with Dan and her friendship with Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows.

After splitting with long-term boyfriend Dan last year, Amber had a tricky time of it, but started building bridges with the likes of Ella and enjoying nights out with other reality TV stars on the last series of TOWIE – until Dan and Ella got with each other in Bali earlier this year while filming the latest series, and all that went to hell, that is.

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