TOWIE star reveals results of cosmetic treatment – as she warns fans it’s ‘dangerous’

The TOWIE star has issued a serious warning to her followers

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One TOWIE queen who has inexplicably (and surprisingly) managed to escape the majority of the drama this series is Courtney Green.

Please note, we say 'surprisingly' not to be shady, but because her bestie Chloe Meadows has somehow managed to be at the forefront of virtually ALL of the Essex dramz this series, despite the fact that she's not actually involved in any of it (i.e. the beef between Amber Turner, Dan Edgar, and Ella Rae Wise).

Courtney Green
Courtney Green ©Photo by Kate Green/Getty Images for LTK

Other than a vulnerable moment at a girly sleepover when she revealed her and off-screen boyfriend Callum were having problems, Courtney has very much been taking a backseat this series – and she's fully aware of it, too. One of our favourite – more wholesome – moments of the series was when Diags and Courtney were sat with one another surrounded by drama in their respective friendship groups and agreed that no matter what they would always remain drama-free besties.

Courtney and Diags
Courtney and Diags ©©Lime Pictures

As such, we haven't been writing about the lovely Courtney a huge amount this year, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been keeping a razor-sharp, close eye on her socials for any major life, career, beauty or Amber Turner (let’s be honest) updates, of course. Come on, we are Closer online.

Courtney has always been relatively outspoken and upfront with her followers and fans over the years (both on and off the show), and this week, she continued that trend by confirming that she had recently undergone a potentially ‘dangerous’ cosmetic procedure following series 33 wrapping earlier this month.

Courtney with the rest of 'Girl band'
Courtney with the rest of 'Girl band' ©©Lime Pictures

While the TOWIE star confirmed that she is “so happy” with the results of her nose filler, she did take a moment to warn followers of the risks involved.

She captioned a video of herself showing off her gorgeous new results, “Had nose filler done by Emmie @cosmessex so happy.

“(Please choose carefully who you go to for this treatment as it can be very dangerous).”

courtney green instagram

Kudos to Courtney for disclosing this publicly, because it goes without saying, but if you’re undergoing such procedures, they need to be conducted by experienced practitioners.

According to the Dr Elif Clinic in London, the procedure is a “non-surgical nose job or nose reshaping treatment, also known as the ‘15-minute Nose Job'. The non-surgical nose job is done by injecting fillers to the nose.”

Regarding the “dangers” associated with the speedy treatment, London-based experts in non-surgical treatments, Dermamina, say, “Complications are included in the non-surgical nose treatment as the nose is a sensitive area. Using liquid dermal filler on the nose, which is close to the eyes can create complications as it is filled with blood vessels. It is important to have the treatment done by a highly trained and experienced practitioner. Otherwise overfilling and poor injecting skills can cause serious complications such as tissue death, vascular complications and vision loss.”

Big thanks to this TOWIE treasure for sharing.

As always, you look fabulous and flawless, Courtney.

Courtney and Elma
Courtney and Elma ©©Lime Pictures

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