EXCLUSIVE: Love Island winner Tom Clare speaks out on Will Young feud and it’s SAVAGE

The winter Love Island 2023 stars fell out last year and there's no love lost...

Tom Clare and Will Young

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Love Island’s Molly Smith and Tom Clare are basically living the dream since winning All Stars. Not only have they bagged the £50k prize money and a hot new other half, but they now get to spend their days doing fun things like visiting Closer HQ for a good old gossip.

The gorgeous pair recently popped by to reveal some behind-the-scenes All Stars secrets and we had to take the opportunity to quiz Tom on his fall out with winter Love Island 2023 co-star Will Young.

Tom, Will and fellow Islander Casey O’Gorman became firm friends during their time in the villa and were even dubbed ‘The Three Musketeers’ but their friendship hit the skids just months later when Will unfollowed Tom and Casey on Instagram and admitted they were no longer close.

Tom Clare, Casey O'Gorman and Will Young
Tom, Casey and Will were close during their first stint in the villa ©ITV Pictures

So, when we caught up with Tom, we thought we’d see if he’d heard from Will or his girlfriend Jessie Wynter following his big win and, spoiler alert, the answer is a big, fat NO.

Perhaps not a surprise, given that Will told us he was focusing on Jessie, his family and, of course, his farm when we caught up with him late last year. But here’s where things get particularly savage…

Tom confessed, “I’m not really too bothered, to be fair.”

Ooh, what a burn.

Tom Clare
Tom's no longer pals with Will ©ITV Pictures

Speaking to Closer back in October, shortly after his feud with Tom and Casey came to light, Will revealed, “To be quite honest, I didn’t even know it was a big thing – or a thing. I’m not particularly in their life, they’re not particularly in my life.”

Admitting that Jessie was the only Islander he still spoke to, Will added, “I’m not in London living that glitz and glam life. I’m not going to events all the time. I’m not going out, partying, I’m just living a very wholesome life on the farm with Jessie and the family."

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