Love Island’s Will Young following in Molly-Mae’s footsteps with loveable new venture

The winter Love Island star is following in the footsteps of Molly-Mae Hague, Amber Gill and Yewande Biala

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We don't throw throw around the phrase 'national treasure' lightly here at Closer online; in fact, we don't think we've really used it since Cheryl's X Factor heydays. But, do you know what? We're going to use it now; Love Island's Will Young is a modern-day national treasure and everything we could possibly want from a 2023 Islander in the wild. He's gorgeous, adorable, funny, wholesome, down-to-earth and above all, himself at all times.

And for those reasons he exited the Love Island villa hand-in-hand with a lovely new girlfriend in the form of Aussie hair goddess, Jessie Wynter. Since being dumped from the villa – just ahead of the final – the couple has moved in to Will's family's farm and the social content is everything.

Naturally, being the gorgeous pair they are, it should come as no surprise that opportunity after opportunity has come a knocking in recent weeks – and Will's latest project is VERY exciting, as it means he is following in the footsteps of arguably the world's most famous Islander, Molly-Mae Hague.

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Will Young stole the nation's hearts on winter Love Island (©ITV Plc) ©©ITV Plc

No, he's not setting up his own version of Pretty Little Thing and calling it Pretty Little Farmer (although, Molly-Mae, if you're reading this, get on that immediately); he's actually just announced the upcoming release of his very first book (Molly famously released Becoming Molly-Mae in June 2022).

Will made the announcement via his popular TikTok page – surprise surprise – revealing that he is releasing his book, For the Love of Farming, this October.

Will said, "SHUT THE FARM DOOR! No way, in a million years, did I ever think I was going to have a book come out. This is sooooo crazy and I’m so grateful I have this opportunity 🫶🏼 As you all know, I love educating people on farming through my videos and pictures and I’m so happy I can know put the work out I do on the farm in a book for you lovely people!

"The farm is home to me, and hopefully this book called For the Love of Farming brings my home to you 🫶🏼 It publishes in the UK and US in October but you can pre-order it right now on the link in my bio. LOVE YOU ALL - Farmer Will xxx."

Will Young and Jessie Wynter

Will's Love Island family were quick to share their congratulations on social media, including his girlfriend Jessie, who wrote, "So damn proud of you ❤️❤️."

Ron Hall commented, "YESSSSSS, can you sign mine?"

Tom Clare, who recently opened up publicly about splitting with Samie Elishi, wrote, "So proud of you mate you deserve it ❤️".

We're varnishing our coffee table in preparation. Congrats, Will xxx.

Who is Will Young?

Will was one of the first contestants announced for winter Love Island 2023.

Where is Will Young from?

He's from Bedfordshire.

Is Will Young single?

Sadly not. He is dating his winter Love Island cast mate Jessie Wynter and they are both living a wholesome life on his family farm.

What does Will Young do for a living?

Will is a farmer, TikTok sensation, reality star, influencer and now author.

Prior to Love Island, Will most likely popped up on your TikTok FYP under the nickname 'Farmer Will'.

Although his day job is a farmer, Will also spends a great deal of his time creating hilarious, cute and low-key educational videos on the farm life. With a soft spot for sheep and lambs, Will's videos could feature anything from his rolling around in the mud to an ABBA song or what to do when your sheep has a limp.

What is something people would not expect about Will Young?

Never judge a book by its cover, Will may be a handsome farmer who spends half his time topless on a farm surrounded by sheep but he knows how to relax and focus on himself.

He says, "Every night I light a candle and meditate for 20-25 minutes. A girl I was seeing told me to meditate, I tried it and loved it. I stopped seeing her and carried on meditating! It’s a nice way to self reflect, taking a minute on my day/week. It’s really nice and sets me up for a nice sleep."

How long was Will Young on winter Love Island 2023 for?

Will entered the Love Island series nine villa on day one and coupled up with Olivia Hawkins (wild). He also coupled up with pal Lana Jenkins before eventually settling down with now girlfriend, Jessie Wynter.

Does Will Young have social media?

Of course, you can follow his Instagram @farmer_will_ but his TikTok is where all the fun is @farmwerwill_.

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