EXCLUSIVE Jessie Wynter reveals how much Love Island she watched before UK show

Did she realise how popular Will was before she went in, hmmm?

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It's always a question we want to ask the Love Island bombshells when they saunter into the villa, how much of the show have they watched beforehand?

Did they religiously watch every episode of every series ever aired, including Saturday's best bits, or are they going in completely blind?

During an episode of Closer's Secrets, we asked Jessie Wynter just that and her answer may well surprise you.

The Aussie flame joined this series of Love Island on day seven alongside Aaron Waters. Both of them had already taken part in Love Island Australia so you would imagine they had SOME idea what to expect.

Jessie also faced accusations of "game-playing" while she was in the villa from some of the cast, including Maxwell Samuda - also a late arrival, who suggested that she knew how popular Will was outside the show before she joined.

So, was she glued to the show before joining it?

Jessie Wynter in the Love Island villa
jessie was on Love Island australia before the UK version ©ITV Pictures

"You would think I watch a lot of Love Island because I went on it but honestly I don't watch TV," she confessed, "I cannot sit still."

Now that makes so much sense. Jessie and her boyfriend Will Youngare always so hyped up they're practically a couple of Duracell bunnies in human form.

"Will and I were the least two people who watch Love Island," she told us.

These two truly are a match made in heaven. Love the countryside, don't love telly, always full of energy and questionable taste in hats. What more could you ask for in a relationship?

love island jessie and will
jessie and will in the villa ©ITV

Will jumped in and agreed with his girlfriend before dropping a bombshell, "Yeah I've never actually seen Love Island."


Jessie added, "They told me I should watch it so I know what to expect and I was like, "Yeah I'll watch it...'

"Didn't watch a bit of it."

Who is Jessie Wynter?

Previously a contestant on Love Island Australia, Jessie took part in Love Island 2023 where she met Will and JUST missed out on the final.

How old is Jessie Wynter?

Jessie is 26 years old. She was born 28 September 1996, making her a Libra.

What does Jessie Wynter do?

Jessie was a waitress before joining Love Island Australia and is now a personal trainer and influencer.

Jessie looks at Will
Jessie's only been in a couple with Will in Love Island 2023 ©ITV

Where is Jessie Wynter from?

She was born in Tasmania (yes, as in the Tasmanian devil), but Jessie currently resides in Sydney.

Was Jessie Wynter on Love Island Australia?

You know it. Jessie met a few fellas during her Love Island stint like Maurice, Eoghan and, Gerard before finally ending the show in a couple with Todd Elton.

What happened between Jessie Wynter and Todd Elton?

Jessie says, "I’d been on the show for quite some time before he came on, so I feel like the relationship was slightly unbalanced in that way - he knew a lot more about me than I knew about him.

"When we got out of the villa I thought everything was great and fun, however I just don’t think we were both on the same page."

Jessie Wynter on Model Farmers

We all knew about Jessie’s Love Island Australia past, but it turns out she also appeared on ANOTHER TV show in between leaving the Aussie villa and rocking up in Cape Town.

Last year, Jessie starred on a reality show called Model Farmers alongside fellow Islanders Shannon Singh and Danielle Sellers and, honestly, it sounds iconic.

The show involved OnlyFans creators being sent to work on a Jersey farm owned by TikTok's Becky Houzé (also known as the ‘Jersey cowgirl’) in a bid to be crowned, as the name suggests, ‘model farmers’.

Jessie Wynter on Model Farmers
Jessie was pooed on by a cow while filming Model Farmers. Sh*t happens. ©OF.TV

The contestants had to work in teams to carry out tasks that a real life dairy farmer would do including mucking out the cows’ living area and milking them.

In one scene, a cow poos on Jessie as she’s milking them. We’re getting strong Celebs on the Farm vibes, tbh.

We’re not going to reveal how well Jessie did on the show, just in case you fancy watching it on OF.TV, but all we’ll say is that this is basically proof that Jessie and Farmer Will are a match made in heaven.

Does Jessie Wynter have Instagram?

For sure, you can follow her at @jessiereneewynter.

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