EXCLUSIVE! Ella Rae Wise: ‘Having a break from TOWIE was really positive for me mentally’

The reality star, who is currently starring on Ex On The Beach, is back and better than ever

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by Hannah Mellin |

Why TOWIE chose to ‘cull’ Ella Rae Wise is truly beyond us. We're still not over it.

If you cast your mind back to last year you'll remember that the iconic ITVBe show chose to slim down the cast ahead of series 28 and Ella was brutally cut along with ten other cast mates, including Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows.

However, it looks like TOWIE realised the error of their ways as Ella returned for the Christmas special and thankfully, Ella also recently teased she could return for the new series, which is rumoured to start filming in June.

And we’re glad, because Ella was the perfect addition to Brentwood, she's young, beautiful and glam, plus she looks a little like Megan McKenna and sounds similar to Lauren Goodger. She has the essence of an Essex icon and at just 21 she has loads more years to come.

Since being rested from TOWIE, Ella truly bounced back as she launched her career as a qualified aesthetics practitioner – aka someone who gives cosmetic procedures like lip fillers and Botox, and she's admits that the break was a positive thing.

Speaking exclusively to Closer, Ella revealed, “Having a break was something I did really need. I feel like it was sort of a little bit of a blessing in disguise because being on TOWIE, the storylines themselves can always be quite tricky and personal. It was ongoing drama and realistically for me, I needed that time to focus on my mind and my goals.

"I do miss it. It was my home, it’s made me who I am today and opened so many doors for me. Hopefully if or when I go back it will be a completely different story.”


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The storylines Ella is speaking about are her major fall out with former friends Kelsey Stratford and Chloe Brockett and more recently her almost but not really ("did we sleep together, though?") relationship with Tom McDonnell.

“To be put in those positions with arguments with people, to be honest a lot of the time it wasn’t really me who would start it. I was put in them to back myself up and I had no choice.

“With Ex On The Beach, I formed so many amazing relationships with everyone, especially women. With my friends I want the best for them, I have their best interests at heart and I see them as family. I came away from that show thinking ‘I haven’t argued with anyone here’, so it’s not me.”

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When it comes to the constant filming and stressful scenes, Ella has sadly had to grow to a thick skin over the years - even before she joined TOWIE, "I went to an all girls school and I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I’ve been picked on for most of my life, and I’ll be honest and say it doesn’t really affect me because sadly I’m so used to it.

“With Ex On The Beach we weren’t allowed our phones and it was lovely. We’re all so guilty of just sitting there and scrolling. Getting to know people was so much easier too. I switched off and had time to breathe even though I was always worried an ex would come along.”

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