We’ve found the purr-fect Valentine’s gifts for cats

Because our furry friends are really our true loves 🐈

Cat with cushions waiting for his Valentine's gift

by Lizzy Dening |

True love comes in all shapes and sizes…and it sometimes has four paws and whiskers too.

Dog lovers, step aside because while dogs often get the credit for being the most loyal pet, we know cats really run the house. Independent yet needy, playful yet permanently exhausted, you really have to work for your cat's love - and don't we love them for it.

If you used Christmas as an excuse to treat your favourite feline, you might not have considered doing the same for Valentine’s Day. But cold, damp February is the purr-fect time to say thanks to the cat of your heart.

According to research from American Express, one in five Brits already celebrates by treating their fur-baby. Forgo the packed restaurants of Feb 14th, and instead curl up for a warm night on the sofa with your beloved kitty. He’ll thank you for it in dead mice.

Here is our pick of the best gifts for cats, so you can keep him feeling like royalty all year round.

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What can I buy for my cat?

There are loads of gifts for cats you can grab out there, especially when it comes down to Valentine's Day.

With the big day coming in thick and fast, make sure you have all your gifts ready. Think along classic Valentine's themes like red and pink coloured toys and accessories.

If you want to go all out, why not invest in a piece of furniture or a techy toy for your kitty to enjoy? They can be a bit more expensive, but when it comes down to the day of love you know they deserve it.

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