Treat yourself! Here’s everything you need for the perfect autumn night in

All the essentials you need to feel like a new you!

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by Jade Moscrop |

With all the great things that autumn brings (hello pumpkin spice lattes), it can also affect our physical and mental health. Cold and flu bugs start flying around making us feel under the weather and definitely not ready to take on another week.

A key part of feeling great through everyday life is to make sure to take time for yourself, whether it be a regular exercise class, meditation, reading or the odd spa day. If you need to feel fantastic ASAP, though, there’s nothing better than a pamper night to have you back to your tip-top self.

To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up a bunch of fabulous products to give you the ultimate relaxing night in. Enjoy!

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Hereu2019s everything you need for the perfect autumn night in

Ladies Luxury Robe, from £18.95
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Want to feel like you're spending the night in a fancy hotel? Um, of course you do! Getting your hands on a gorgeous, fluffy robe not only makes you feel cosy and warm but gives you that treat yo'self

Weighted Blanket For Adults and Kids, £39.99
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If your reason for a luxurious night in is because you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it might be worth investing in a weighted blanket to take the edge off. They're known for their positive effects on our mental wellbeing, making us feel safe, relaxed and calm.

Fleece Hot Water Bottle, £6.99
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Hot water bottles are a godsend for a few reasons. Not only do they warm you up (obviously), they're great if you're struggling with bloating or period pain and can also help with muscle pain. Even if you only use it to warm the bottom of your bed up before you slip into it to binge-watch Netflix, everyone needs one in their life for

Korean Skin Care Face Mask 12pc Set, £11.99
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Refreshing and rejuvenating your skin is a sure-fire way to help you feel like all is right with the world. You know the drill - face masks fix EVERYTHING. Feeling sad? Face mask. Too far into your overdraft? Face mask. Having an existential crisis? You guessed it, face mask. This Korean Skin Care set from The Yeon gives you plenty of options, depending on what your skin needs that week. And we all know that Korean face masks are THE masks to beat right

Gel Nail Starter Kit, £24.99
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The days of paying to get your gel nails done are officially over. Investing in a DIY gel polish kit, complete with UV light, means you can have gorgeous nails whenever you want. Everyone knows you can conquer the world with great

Girls' Night Tri-Pack, £11.20
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Fancy a good cry? It's totally natural and it's great to have a release. There are loads of DVD boxsets available online these days for a great price, giving you three or more films to enjoy. Or if you don't fancy popping back into the 00s with DVDs, grab yourself an Amazon Prime subscription to get access to loads of films, your favourite shows and box sets.

Echo Dot
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Want some background noise while you transform into the goddess you are? Throw on a chick-flick playlist, turn it up and sing your heart out. The Amazon Echo is a compact speaker that's voice-activated, so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your bed to play your tunes.

Delish Insane Sweets, from £17.09
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Indulging in a little sweet treat can lift your spirits and baking it yourself feels like a real achievement. Why not get yourself a cookbook you can go back to again and again, when you need a pick me up?

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