The best women’s electric razor according to real reviews

Put the buzz back into shaving.

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by Jade Moscrop |

Shaving. Ah, shaving. A laborious task that women put themselves and their skin through, and for what? Well, to feel as smooth and silky as a dolphin, obviously.

If you're tired of traditional razors and can't bear to face waxing every month (ouch), then an electric shaver could be just the thing to take the stress and pain out of shaving. But how do you know which one to go for?

Luckily for you, we've scoured the internet to find not only the best-selling electric shavers for women but the best-rated by real people.

To get the perfect close shave, you'll need an ergonomic shape, a combination of blades, as well as a floating foil head to reach those teeny tiny hairs. Look for hypo-allergenic blades and foil to avoid that pesky shaving rash and for those with sensitive skin.

Now, the choice is yours...

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How to shave your bikini line (and avoid redness)

It's that age-old question - how on earth do you shave your bikini line and avoid those pesky red bumps?

According to Gilette, there are some steps you should follow to ensure a comfortable shave:

a) If your hair is on the longer side, trim it with scissors or an electric razor.

b) Use a sharp, clean razor blade to avoid irritation.

c) Go for a soak in the bath or have a warm shower before you start - this helps to soften your hair follicles.

d) Exfoliate the area to remove any dead skin or loose hairs.

e) Use a shaving gel, not regular soap.

f) Shave lightly in the direction of the hair growth. A sharp razor should do most of the work for you. If you do need to shave against the grain, be careful, and apply more shaving gel.

g) Rinse off your bikini line with cool water - you can also press a cool washcloth against the skin for a few moments.

h) It's time to moisturise! Select a moisturiser that's free from alcohol and chemicals to rehydrate your skin.

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