The best luxury dog beds to pamper your pooch

You wouldn't just buy any old mattress for yourself, so why would you do it for your dog?

Luxury dog beds

by Jade Moscrop |

When it comes to choosing a new bed or mattress for ourselves, we treat it as an investment. We do our research, we dedicate time, we drag ourselves around the shops, jump onto each mattress enthusiastically and pretend to sleep in different positions in front of the salesperson to really get a feel for it. Awkward? Yes. Necessary? Yes.

After all, you spend eight hours every night on the thing, so quality and comfort matters to ensure you get the rest you need to, you know, function as an adult. Why, though, don't we express the same concern for our dog's bed?

Dog on Sleepeezee bed

I'll hold my hands up and say that I've walked into a pet shop and walked out with the first bed that felt reasonably comfortable and had the prettiest design on it. In reality, it was a cheap piece of foam with a thin cover on it. Needless to say, Frankie wasn't best pleased, and I wasted that cash as it's now gathering dust under the stairs.

I've tried numerous beds over the years for my pooch, each one costing less than £30 and lasting no longer than a few months before feeling flat or being unusable. It makes me wonder... what if I'd just taken the plunge and spent a bit more on something that's built to last?

The best luxury dog beds

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It's important that our dogs get the proper amount of rest that they need, that they're a comfortable temperature, feel protected, have their own space and that their joints are supported and muscles can recover. While there are plenty of great options for budget dog beds, there are a few reasons why opting for a luxury bed would be better for your pet. We spoke to Amy Curtis, Marketing Manager at Sleepeezee, to find out more.

What things should you consider when choosing a dog bed for your pet?

"Whether you have a friendly giant or a pocket pooch, choosing the right size bed for your dog is important. We would recommend that you measure your four-legged friend first, measuring from the tip of the nose to where the tail begins. This will give you a clear indication of what size bed is best for your dog.

"The next thing to consider is the shape of your dog bed. If your dog likes to sprawl out across the floor then a simple flat mattress style bed is the ideal choice, however if your dog likes to curl up into a ball then a basket style bed is preferable.

"Much like us, when dogs start to get older their joints may begin to feel a little stiff and so they may require a more supportive bed to relieve pressure on any painful joints. This is why we’ve designed our Sleepeezee dog beds using soft and supportive memory foam, to ensure that your dog gets the best night’s sleep possible.

"From trips to the park to countryside walks, your dog will naturally pick up dirt throughout the day, therefore, it’s important that you choose a dog bed that is machine washable."

Dog laying on grass
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Which breeds benefit most from having a luxury/high quality dog bed?

"Dogs of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a luxury bed, after all having a comfortable place to sleep is one of a dog’s basic needs!

"On average, your dog will spend up to 14 hours a day sleeping, therefore, it is important that you choose a bed which ensures that they are comfortable and supported, day and night."

Why should you invest in and research around a bed for your dog, rather than choosing the first one you see?

“When investing in a dog bed, don’t rush into buying a cheaper model, you’ll not only compromise on the quality but will often end up having to buy another one sooner than you would like to. After all, you would spend a significant amount of time researching and testing a human bed, so this investment should be the same for your pet. The key is to find a bed that benefits your dog and also matches your budget and lifestyle requirements."

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What are the benefits of having a memory foam dog bed?

“A memory foam dog bed not only feels good but has added health benefits as well. Dogs of all ages and breeds will put stress on their bones, muscles and joints throughout the day, and our dog bed has been designed specifically to provide the ultimate place for your dog to relax.

"Though comfortable for any type of dog, a memory foam bed is the ideal choice for older and thin dogs who may experience painful aches and pains. Lovingly handmade right here in the UK, the Sleepeezee dog bed moulds itself to your dog’s body shape, allowing their bones, muscles and joints to rest peacefully in their natural position – ensuring your dog wakes up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the day ahead."

Where is the best place to put a dog’s bed?

“Much like humans, dogs like to sleep in a room that is warm and quiet so that they can get the best night’s sleep possible. We would recommend that you place your dogs’ bed in a room where they can sleep undisturbed, but also somewhere where they can come and go as they please.”

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