Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks spotted leaving NTAs together hand in hand

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What’s this we’ve seen? Hand holding at the NTAs? Leaving together? Please tell us Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks are back on.

After the awards show on Monday evening, Megan was seen with Pete’s blazer draped across her shoulders as they left together, holding hands and heading into the freezing January night – despite breaking up three years ago.

Roll back to 2017, and who didn’t love the sizzling on-screen chemistry between Megan and Pirate Pete during their time together as one of TOWIE’s most infamous couples?The highs and lows of their fiery relationship had viewers hooked for months.

Pete Wicks Megan McKenna
Pete and Megan in happier times ©Getty

What started out as a very steamy fairy tale between the two quickly unravelled when Meg discovered Pete had been sexting other girls behind her back.

The screaming showdown when she confronted him on Marbs’ beach was, frankly, legendaryTV and had viewers on the edge of their seats – and Pete squirming in his britches.

Sadly, after many months of grovelling and endless apologies, that naughty pirate just couldn’t manage to hook back Megan’s trust and following endless fights and slanging matches the emotional pair decided to call it a day, much to the dismay of TOWIE fans everywhere.

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WATCH Megan Mckenna quits reality TV to make music

Megan left the show to pursue her dream of becoming a singer, starring in her own Nashville documentary series, There’s Something About Megan.

However, she has since admitted that her lips became more talked about than her music, causing her to have the excessive lip fillers dissolved.

At present Megan is single and focusing on her blossoming music career, having recently won X Factor: Celebrity in 2019.

Pete Wicks Megan McKenna
Pete and Megan on Celebs Go Dating in 2019 ©Getty

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Pete, meanwhile, brought his next squeeze Shelby Tribble into the TOWIE fold, but they also split following sexting allegations and despite Chloe Sims’ claiming they were together in a previous life, Pete is also single.

BUT LET US NOT FORGET the spring series of Celebs Go Dating last year, where both Pete and Megan signed up to the dating agency – neither with any clue the other would be taking part.

Absolute genius.

Much to everyone's dismay though the former couple were nothing but courteous to each other and both wished the other well in their dating endeavours – there were no mega-watt show downs in the street, which was disappointing.

Now the couple have spent a few years apart and are both older and wiser who knows, perhaps they could rekindle some of the old magic and get back together?

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