TOWIE’s Dani Imbert exposes feud with co-star as cast begin filming series 34

Harry Derbidge kicked ANOTHER co-star out of his birthday party - but it wasn’t shown on screen

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Has the impossible happened? After 33 series, is there now so much spicy TOWIE drama out there that producers are actually having to pick and choose which monumental rows they keep in the edit?

If Dani Imbert's recent tell-all interview is anything to go by, it would seem so.

Might we suggest TOWIE being aired nightly on ITVBe and the cast be given no filming breaks? Just a selfish idea.

Dani Imbert
Dani Imbert ©Photo by Ricky Vigil M / Justin E Palmer/GC Images

According to the Essex queen, despite seemingly steering clear of the majority of the drama in series 33, Dani, in fact, came to blows with Harry Derbidge at his birthday party in the 33 finale – so much so that he allegedly kicked her out of the party. TEA.

Fans will remember Harry coming to blows with former bestie Ella Rae Wise at his 30th birthday bash, but for whatever reason, the row with Dani was never shown to viewers. Hmm.

Harry and Ella came to blows last series
Harry and Ella came to blows last series ©©ITV Lime pictures

Speaking of her relationships within the cast of series 34, Dani recently told The Sun, “I do get along with the majority of the cast. So I’m having fun but there is always going to be a bit of tension and a tiny bit of a divide between a few people.

“But, personally, I get along with everyone… bar one.”

Dani went on to reveal that that "one" was Harry, adding, "We did have a bit of drama back in Bali [at the beginning of series 33] but we kind of cleared the air.

Harry ©ITV ©Lime Pictures

“Then, it wasn’t actually shown, but we had another falling out during the finale of the last series and he did actually kick me out of his party.

“I think this series it’s about addressing it with him and seeing where I stand because I’ve not spoken to him since.”

Speaking about their inevitable reconciliation scene this series, Dani said, “I’ve heard that he’s nervous and I understand why because he was so clearly in the wrong. For me, I’m sick of him randomly having these turns and these lash outs. It will be interesting to see how the conversation goes.”

dani imbert
Dani ©ITV

The clash between Harry and Dani might've ended up on the editing room floor, but at the time of filming Dani did take to her Instagram story to blast members of the cast just moments after she was allegedly kicked out by her former friend.

Across three different late-night Instagram story posts in a cab on the way home from filming in April, Dani blasted "everyone" on TOWIE for "losing their minds" during filming, branding some of them as "annoying".

She started off by writing, "Only just on my way home from filming the finale and the series couldn't have ended at a better time. Everyone is losing their minds. DND for a whole week x."

Dani continued, "Thought of the day: Trying to be a nicer person in a world full of annoying people is so hard."

She then concluded by claiming that some of her cast mates have let the showbiz world go to their heads.

Harry is allegedly feuding with Dani Imbert
Harry is allegedly feuding with Dani Imbert ©Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for Maybelline

She wrote, "Reflecting on my whole day and realised that being on TV really does go to a lot of people's heads. There's been a fair few bizarre behaviours today. I just keep laughing to myself in this long hour home cab journey."

It's safe to say that we're wishing the summer away so we can start living and breathing series 34.

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