TOWIE: Dan Edgar’s ex (or maybe current) squeeze goes in on Ella Rae Wise and it is SAVAGE

The TOWIE lothario has reportedly been up to his old tricks

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Previously (said in Denise van Outen's voice) on TOWIE: absolute bloody carnage, to be honest, honey.

Everyone seems to be feuding with somone, everyone seems to be slagging each other off behind closed doors (but still in front of three of four cameras, obv), more tears are flowing than Prosecco, and let's be honest, the vast majority of this has been caused by Dan Edgar and Ella Rae Wise choosing to hook up in Bali and then continue to date in Essex.

Dan and Ella
Dan and Ella in Bali ©©Lime Pictures

Ironically, the one person who doesn't really seem that bothered by the new relationship is Dan's ex, Amber Turner (and the boys, obv - they don't seem to care about anything but whether their Peroni is cold enough) – but the rest of Essex is taking serious issue with the new romance.

Including, apparently, Dan's other ex Hannah Rally, who has taken a rather mighty swing at the new couple by sharing a savage meme on her Instagram story.

The meme shows a rather graphic image of a giant hand holding a miniature naked man by the penis with the caption, "Your man was in my DMs again sis, I believe this is yours."

Hannah then added, "More than DMs, but now you can get out of mine, love @ellaraewisex 😘."

Anyone else imagining Amber at home on her own cackling like a Disney villain reading this?

Ella and Hannah have reportedly been locking horns since Dan allegedly cheated on Ella with Hannah during a recent getaway, according to The Sun.

Dan began, erm, seeing Hannah shortly after his split from Amber last year.

Dan and Amber
Dan and Amber ©Lime pictures

A source told the publication, "Dan was dating Hannah for around nine months, they got together shortly after he split from Amber.

“Things were going really well and he even told her he loved her – but he said he wasn’t ready for anything serious. Next thing he is in Bali for Towie filming and is getting with Ella. Hannah was obviously really shocked, but she just didn’t want the drama to decide to wash her hands of him.

“But they ended up getting together again when Ella was out of town in Dubai."

The source continued, "Ella ended up finding out what happened between Dan and Hannah and was furious.

Ella Rae Wise
Ella Rae Wise ©©Lime Pictures

“She confronted Hannah about it and called her embarrassing as well as some other choice words.

“It got pretty nasty but was really was the last straw for Hannah. Ella seems to have forgiven him for now."

While Dan has maintained that both him and Ella are single, Ella has seemingly taken several passive aggressive swipes at Dan on social media over the last few weeks, as their relationship heats up on TOWIE.

Don't expect any clear answers until after the series 33 finale, huns (it looks EXPLOSIVE btw). That we can guarantee. Saying that, Hannah's not on the show, so she can say/do what she wants...

Hannah, if you're reading this: Mama, kudos for saying that. For spilling.

We've contacted Dan's reps for comment.

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