TOWIE: Chloe Meadows reveals dirty side hustle and fans are divided

'This is so funny'


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It always comes as a bit of a shock to us when it is revealed what jobs the TOWIE cast have outside of the show.

As if brunch in Brentwood and these countless themed parties and fancy holidays pay for themselves. Although to be fair, we're going to go out on a limb here and assume that if it is featured on TOWIE it probably IS paid for by the producers.

Or maybe Jordan Brook and Sophie Kaseai really did have to front their own cowboy-inspired celebration which is why they chose themselves as the entertainment for the evening.

Probably pretty cheap and definitely cheerful.

Sophie and Jordan
Sophie and Jordan ©lime pictures - itv

Anyway, back to the rest of the crew; of course, we all know that Diags runs Plumb Point and Amy Childs is a beauty tech - she practically invented the term 'vajazzle,' but some of their TOWIE chums also have jobs which aren't featured on the show as much.

The likes of Courtney Green has her very own cosmetics company called Palm Beauty, and Junaid Ahmed has recently launched a skincare range as well as running his own social media training program.

But it is Chloe Meadows whose non-reality TV role that has thrown fans; taking to her Instagram, Chloe posted a video of her cleaning, and erm, what?

chloe ©lime pictures - itv

Confirming it is an 'AD,' and tagging Astonish Cleaners, Chloe posted a video of her cleaning a house, that we assume she has helped renovate, as she explained the process to her fans.

"As most of you know, I refurbish houses to sell them on. Once all the building work is done the houses are usually pretty dirty and I have to do a really big deep clean... "

Half of her followers were convinced by the reel and Chloe's hard work but the other half...not so much.

"This is so funny. She definitely has a cleaner and doesn’t know what she’s doing," one person joked, with another agreeing as they wrote, "If you were really deep cleaning all these houses without gloves, your nails would be wrecked 😂."

But the majority who watched the video were more excited about her outfit than anything.

"Obsessed with this outfit!! Where is it from?" Someone quizzed with another adding, "I love this outfit and I’m so worried you're going to get cleaning stuff on it 😂."

To be fair, the denim co-ord Chloe is wearing IS pretty cute and in her defence some people are lucky enough to look glam 24/7.

Cleaning in DENIM seems like a form of torture to us but you do you, Chlo.

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