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Coronation Street released a new 3-minute trailer for all the drama happening on the cobbles this Autumn - and it's an absolute corker.

Don't you think that all the best soap drama happens in the Autumn?

We know that the Summer campaigns are all pretty huge, but there's just something a bit more dramatic about Autumn - maybe it's the spooky Halloween element?

But after Hollyoaks teased their Autumn drama with a shocking trailer, Coronation Street have followed suit - and you will literally be left SHAKEN.

Here's everything we learned from the trailer.

WATCH: Coronation Street's dramatic new trailer for their Autumn storylines... | ITV/ Coronation Street

Eva and Aidan

So after everything that's happened with these two, we're actually surprised that they're going through with the wedding. But the first shot of the the entire trailer is Aidan looking absolutely LIVID, holding Eva's face and saying: "'No more lies or secrets', I said.

"Swear on your sister's baby that you knew nothing about the fact you're being robbed."

We then see Aidan punching his own dad in the face, his parents turning on Eva and basically all hell breaking loose in their family.

He also goes for Adam Barlow, who's been secretly setting him up - AND snogging his fiancée.

Bethany Platt

We really, really can't wait for Nasty/Creepy/Evil Nathan to be chucked down a well and never return, to be honest.

But it doesn't look like that's set to happen anytime soon as it looks like Bethany's going to be double-crossed before she can testify.


In the trailer, we see Mel desperately trying to speak to Bethany, who then tells her Gran Gail and Great-Gran Audrey: "We need her to stand up with me in court. She's our only hope," to which Audrey replies: "I don't think we can afford to trust her."

Mel then tells Bethany that she's too scared to talk to the police as then Nathan's friends will find her, and Nathan is seen telling someone on the phone: "She can't get to that court."

And who is then seen driving Bethany off somewhere? Yep, Mel.

Nathan is then at the courthouse looking really pleased with himself as an anxious Sarah tries to ring Bethany.

If that wasn't bad enough, the police find the body of a "teenager, looks like she jumped". Policeman Craig - i.e Bethany's best friend - then recognises a piece of evidence taken from the scene - Bethany's necklace.

Sinead, Chesney and Daniel love triangle

Sinead and Daniel are looking a bit close (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street) ©ITV/ Coronation Street

We've already seen that Daniel is capable of a lot more than we originally thought, but this might just take the biscuit.

Sinead and Daniel are sat having a boozy drink together, when Dan goes: "Do you ever think about how things could have been?" as Sinead says: "All the time."

Chesney then collapses and Dan looks shifty and guilty. Oh dear.

Leanne and Michelle

You'd have thought that these two would never have wanted to set eyes on each other again after everything that happened earlier this year.

But it looks like they've put their previous woes behind them to confront their current issues - scary Will the stalker.

Leanne tells a shaken and teary Michelle: "He's gonna regret the day he decided to mess with us," as it looks like they try and trap him and call the police - and it all goes horribly wrong...

Rana, Zeedan and Kate

Does Rana have mixed feelings about Kate? (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street) ©ITV/ Coronation Street

Is this Autumn just full of love triangles?! Kate and Rana's friendship has been growing further apart recently, and viewers have put it down to Rana's apparent homophobia.

But it looks like that's not the case at all, and that Rana has been developing feelings for her best mate, putting her in a very tricky situation - since Rana is married. To a man.

And when Zeedan wants to make things official between them and have a proper wedding ceremony, this puts Rana in an even more uncomfortable position.

She confronts Kate head on, but Kate tells her to "stay away". Eek.

Billy, Todd and Summer

Somehow, Summer gets hold of some drugs, smokes it and passes out. The police then arrest Billy, and the couple are told that it will affect their adoption prospects. Noo!


Now this one is just too much to take.

Rita's had a tough time of it of late, and now we can see her asking a doctor: "I just want to know - am I doing to die?"

Whilst we don't hear the answer, Norris and the others are all crying and it doesn't look good.

Rita then says: "I've spent the best years of my life here," as she looks down the Street. She says: "I wouldn't have had it any other way."

Who does Phelan kill?

Phelan's definitely going to bump SOMEONE off (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street) ©ITV/ Coronation Street

This might be the biggest storyline of the season.

Phelan is seen going around threatening in his normal intimidating and scary way, before Anna literally goes at him with what looks like a meat cleaver.

And whilst we already know that Gary and Nicola sleep together, we did NOT know that Sarah and Gary were going to engaged. Oh yeah.

We then see Phelan polishing a gun as someone says: "There's someone getting under your feet right now." There are flashes of Eileen, Daniel, Gary, Nicola, Andy and Anna, before Phelan is standing over someone, looking shocked.

Who does Phelan bump off?!

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