Coronation Street fans think they spotted a DANGEROUS gaffe during last night’s episode

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Coronation Street fans believe they spotted a dangerous gaffe during last night's episode

Eagle-eyed viewers were alarmed by a scene in which Will Chatterton (Leon Ockenden) was seen making dinner for Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh).

It wasn't because the creepy stalker considered drugging her by sneaking a substance into her red wine, oh no, it was in fact because he could have set the house on fire thanks to his cooking skills.

Shock horror, Will was seen putting his quiche in the microwave still inside its foil container!

Coronation Street
Corrie fans were shocked when Will cooked his quiche still in its foil(credit: ITV) ©(credit: ITV)

And you don't need to be Mary Berry to know this is a dangerous combination as metal in a microwave can cause a fire.

Corrie fans took to Twitter to point out the mistake.

One viewer even said she'd learnt this the hard way by admitting: "How did he just put that quiche in the microwave wave in its tin? When I did that I nearly get fire to my flat."

However, others pointed out that perhaps he wasn't so daft after all as he could have actually been using the oven, not the microwave, in his swanky kitchen.

The cooking calamity overshadowed the real drama from the episode as Michelle finally found out that Will had been stalking her.

Coronation Street
Was it a microwave or an oven?! (credit: ITV) ©(credit: ITV)

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