LOVE CHEAT! Look who Gary’s kissing in Corrie… it sure isn’t Sarah!

Coronation Street

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A super-stressed Gary returns from his latest mission in the Ukraine and hits the bottle before cheating on Sarah. Nooo!

Naughty Gazza! We know he’s been super-stressed about all his secretive work in the Ukraine but even so, there’s no excuse for him locking lips with someone who most definitely isn’t Sarah!

This week, the former soldier returns to the cobbles after yet another dangerous mission in the Ukraine, (he’s turning into a proper little James Bond isn’t he!), but the pressure of his double life is clearly getting to him and he’s snappy and off- hand with his doting girlfriend Sarah.

Mikey North who plays him says, “Gary’s being very volatile and wanting to start on every lad that walks by”, which isn’t very helpful!

Sarah tries to get him to open up but when she asks him what’s wrong, Gary, who’s suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder in the past, just gets even more annoyed and whaddyknow, it’s not long before the pair of them are having another heated spat.

Coronation Street
Gary and Sarah have another fiery ding-dong (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Fiery Gary storms off and promptly bumps into Phelan’s daughter Nicola, who if you remember, he shared a cosy chat with in a bar recently. When Nicola spots poor Gazza is nursing some pretty nasty injuries, (no, Sarah didn’t attack him with a bottle opener, he’s actually been beaten up in the Ukraine), she wants to know what’s going on.

Mikey says, “He’s in the ginnel and Nicola is there. She sees he’s bleeding and says she’ll treat his injury.” We bet she will.

Before you know it the pair head off to Number 11, where the wine is soon flowing and the two of them are sharing life stories over a nice chilled bottle of white and can we spot some cheeky whisky there too?

Coronation Street
Nicola and Gary get a little too cosy on the sofa (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Predictably, one thing leads to another and the naughty twosome are soon locking lips on the sofa. “Gary loves Sarah and they are so good together but in the heat of the moment he isn’t thinking clearly”, adds Mikey.

Coronation Street
As the booze flows, one thing leads to another (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Is Gary going to one step further and hop into bed with the brunette temptress? We’ve got a bad feeling about this especially as we know Mikey North will be leaving Corrie later this year. Could a passionate fling with Nicola pave the way for his dramatic exit storyline?

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