NEW Hollyoaks trailer: Watch the EXPLOSIVE drama heading to the Oaks this Autumn


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Adopt the brace position! We’re about to be bombarded with a whole host of sensational storylines as Hollyoaks gets super-exciting this Autumn

The mystery of who killed Amy will take a shock new twist, Sienna and Grace are on a mission to get rid of Warren once and for all and Mac’s jealousy over Hunter and Neeta explodes with devastating consequences.

As if that’s not enough, there are new faces joining the ‘Oaks as the Maalik family has two new arrivals who rock up unexpectedly and we finally discover the identity of Darcy’s mystery man. Oooh, the intrigue….

WATCH: Hollyoaks thrilling Autumn 2017 trailer

Who Killed Amy?

Harry makes a killer confession (credit: channel 4) ©channel 4

The mystery of Who Killed Amy Barnes continues, but Tony’s world is shattered when Harry confesses to his dad that HE was the killer. Will a distraught Tony confess to Ryan that his son is the murderer who ripped his family apart?

Mac plays with fire as his jealousy over Neeta and Hunter explodes

Dangerous Mac is riddled with jealousy (credit: channel 4) ©channel 4

Controlling Mac continues to manipulate Neeta after discovering her affair with pupil, Hunter. When he clocks an intimate moment between the pair, he’s positively simmering and there are frightening consequences when he sets fire to a drawing of Neeta and Hunter. Will he ignite far more than just another fiery argument?

Grace and Sienna want Warren DEAD!

Sienna is trapped in a remote cottage (credit: channel 4) ©channel 4

Grace and Sienna team up to get rid of Warren and convince themselves the only way to do that is to KILL him. However, it looks as if it’s Warren who’s calling the shots when he locks Sienna away in a remote country cottage and threatens to take their twins away from her once their born. Try escaping from this place?

**The identity of Darcy’s mystery man is revealed **

The Donovan's dad, Glenn, is Darcy's mystery man (credit: channel 4) ©channel 4

Viewers have seen Darcy meddling with a mystery man over the past few weeks and he will be revealed as Jesse and Adam Donovan’s dad! Yes, REALLY! Glenn, who’ll be played by former Corrie and Emmerdale actor, Neil Roberts, was previously married to alcoholic Tracy but the pair split after having their sons. Sadly, Glenn never bonded with Tracy’s daughters Grace and Claire as they were not his offspring! What will his arrival in the village mean for the Donovans?

Meet the new Maaliks

Sami is a suprise visitor to Hollyoaks (credit: channel 4) ©channel 4

Misbah is surprised when her step-son, Sami and youngest child, Imran show up in the village. However it seems that Sami might have an ulterior motive as he tries to find out who set up his dad…

Do you think Warren will get his comeuppance? Will Mac's revenge go too far? And what do you make of the Hollyoaks newbies? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter


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