Love Island’s Will Young reveals who got so drunk they had to be CARRIED to bed

And who got stuck on the roof

Will Young

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So much behind-the-scenes tea is being spilled now that Love Island 2023 is over and there have been scalding hot venti-sized brews spilled around unaired scenes that never made it to our screens. Frankly, we feel robbed - but at least it's all coming out now.

One such story was told by Farmer Will aka Will Young during his appearance on GKBarry’s Saving Grace podcast and you already know it’s going to a good one.

The Islander offered up a chaotic fifty minutes where he chatted about everything he loves from his little lambs and Aussie gf Jessie Wynter, to being part of the Three Musketeers and his controversial talent show rap.

Ever the showman, Will told a hilarious story that featured intoxicated parents, somebody stuck on a roof and, what we want to know is, why wasn’t this filmed?

Can you believe it wasn't Will who was stuck on a roof?

"Apparently my dad and brother they all went and got hammered, like, on the p*ss," Will laughed, "Ron [Hall] came over to me, 'Your dad got hammered last night, like got carried back to the hotel.'"

As soon as Will’s dad and brother rocked up in the villa during the ‘meet the parents’ episode, it was clear where Will inherited his wild energy and crazy ways from.

Will was asked, "Is there any tea from when all the family members were with each other?”

“I think they just got hammered,” he reiterated before jumping into a short but truly iconic tale that makes us wish Love Island: The Parents was a real TV show.

Will's dad got 'hammered'

Kai [Fagan]'s stepdad was stuck on a roof. It was like stuff out of The Hangover.”

This sounds ICONIC. Picture an inebriated Papa Young too drunk to walk and Kai’s stepdad stuck on a roof (hiding underneath a mattress just like The Hangover, at least in our minds) as the other parents struggle to find a way to help him down.

Kai's step dad got stuck on the roof

Will also admitted he wasn't sure his dad was going to fly over to South Africa to visit as he added, "I didn't think my dad was going to come anyway."

"He's a bit funny about the cameras," he continued, "but he was loving it."

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