Katie Price slammed for promoting diet coffee as she has ‘tummy tuck’

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Katie Price is reportedly set to have a tummy tuck

Katie Price has been slammed by fans for promoting a diet coffee following reports that she's flown out to Turkey to get surgery.

According to The Sun, the 40-year-old star has already flown out to Istanbul to get a tummy tuck, lipo, another facelift and bum implants.

The publication reports that the mum-of-five to Harvey, 16, Junior, 13, Princess, 11, Jett, five, and Bunny, four, will leave her mum and boyfriend Kris Boysonfurious following her plans.

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CLOSER ONLINE Katie Price plastic surgery timeline

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Swipe through to have a look back at all the plastic surgery Katie Price has had...

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Katie Price pre-surgery

Here's a fresh faced Katie Price at 17-years-old pre-surgery.

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Katie Price after her first boob job

The reality star admitted she got her first boob job when she was just 18-years-old.

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Katie Price with Hugh Hefner

The former glamour model has previously admitted she had threesomes in the playboy mansion.

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Katie Price's boobs on I'm A Celebrity

Throwback to Katie's stint in the jungle where she infamously fell in love with ex-husband Peter Andre. As you can see her boobs are pretty big...

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Katie Price's platinum blonde hair

Okay so it's not plastic surgery but we'll NEVER forget Katie's platinum blonde hair.

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Katie Price's brunette locks

And her brunette shiny locks.

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Katie Price's nose job

[Katie spoke out and admitted she had work done on her nose](https://closeronline.co.uk/celebrity/news/katie-price-shows-gorgeous-pre-surgery-face-throwback-photo-click-see/ick-see/). At the time she said: "I've always had a thing about my nose. I haven't had a full 100% nose job - they shaved the bone, they didn't break my nose."In fact, I liked my nose before and now. If I had a cupboard with both noses, I would alternate between them!"

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Katie Price's £10k body transformation

Back in June 2012, Closer revealed that Katie had a £10k body transformation which included body-contouring treatment, lip fillers, cheek fillers and a sixth boob job, taking her to an F-cup.

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Katie Price's new boobs for Christmas

Katie revealed her plans to get a boob job for Christmas. After welcoming Jett and Bunny into the world, she said: "I've had two babies very quickly so they're saggy."I know I look ridiculous but that's what people want to see. I'd just had them done before I met Kieran so I'm having a service."

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Katie Price plastic surgery

Shortly after, the star confirmed she had undergone another boob job.

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Katie Price goes au naturale

It came to light that Katie reduced her boobs by five sizes, with a source telling the Mirror: "For a long time Katie has felt like she was more recognisable for her breasts than anything else but she wants to shake that image off a little."She's also a serious businesswoman and entrepreneur. She felt the boobs were holding her back a bit from that image."

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Katie Price plastic surgery

In 2015, Katie had to undergo emergency surgery to remove an infected implant - and it was then that she fell in love with her 32B breasts.Opening up to The Sun, she admitted: "I actually feel a lot more confident without my implants."I've grown up a lot and I'm in a different place now than I was ten years ago and it's nice to be natural."

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Katie Price plastic surgery

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Katie Price gets botox

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Katie Price gets her boobs reduced

Katie hinted on Instagram that she had a boob reduction.

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Katie Price plastic surgery

She later went on to confirm her results and thanked her surgeon on social media you know, as you do.

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Katie Price shows off her new boobs

On Loose Women, Katie unveiled the results of her latest plastic surgery procedures which included a boob job and facial fillers (which were taken from her belly fat). Speaking out about it, she said: "I've had good luck with my boobs now, they're now finally, after a year of one of them not repairing, done."I'm in love with them, the best boobs ever."

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Katie Price plastic surgery

Katie announced she had 11 boob jobs in 2016 alone! Yup.During an episode of her TV show Katie Price's Pony Club, she explained: "I'm having surgery because I want my boobs to look good for this polo event. I haven't actually had them done that many times but this past year, eleven times."

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Has Katie Price had a tummy tuck?

There was some speculation that Katie had a tummy tuck after clinical director - Mark Norfolk - at Transform Cosmetic Group, told new! magazine: "I would say Katie has had a tummy tuck and may even have had more than one."She's always maintained her washboard stomach in between having children, which leads me to this suspicion."She has an unbelievably flat stomach for someone who has had five children."

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Katie Price gets surgery on her eye

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Katie Price gets THREE procedures in one day

In December 2016, Katie got three cosmetic procedures in one day; a non-surgical treatment on her bum, treatment on her stomach and thighs and a procedure to tighten the muscles in her face and neck. She even let her son Harvey Price have a treatment which she claimed will help with his spots and acne scarring.

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Katie Price plastic surgery

The TV star showed off her "peachy" bum on Instagram after she had a non surgical bum lift.

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Katie Price accused of being on drugs

Fans accused Katie of being on drugs after she shared a bizarre video about her facelift on Instagram.

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Katie Price plastic surgery

On Loose Women, Katie revealed her son Junior branded her fake following all of her latest plastic surgery.

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Katie Price plastic surgery

There was speculation that Katie would get another boob job. During an interview with The Sun, she said: "They're so big at the moment, I might go smaller."

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Katie Price hits out at her surgeon

After publicly slamming her surgeon for leaving her face "f—red up", Katie's agent spoke out and revealed the reality star's confidence had a set back following her latest procedure.

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Katie Price shows off her new facelift

In March 2018 Katie finally shared photos of herself on Instagram and unveiled her new face after having a facelift.

However it looks like she's not only leaving her family and on-off boyfriend annoyed but her fans too. The reality star posted a video of herself preparing a Skinny Caffe coffee while explaining some of her friends had recommended it before claiming it reduces bloating, boosts your energy and it's only six calories.

katie price weight loss
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She wrote alongside the video: "With Summer☀around the corner lots of my followers ask me the best way to stay in shape👙 I’ve chose @skinnycaffe coffee☕ and fat burning thermosyn capsules💊 which are EFSA approved for weight loss I’ve done a video to show you and tell you all about them and I’ll report back another time with the results I’ve achieved.

"The coffee tastes delightful and has 5* reviews and some of my friends have achieved 7lbs weight loss in 7 days since using the capsules."

katie price
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Katie went on to add: "Understandably some people are dubious of these products but I’ve checked and all ingredients are safe and natural. 💞

#TheSkinnyCaffe #SkinnyCoffee #Thermosyn #WeightLoss #SummerBody #AD"

Lots of her followers rushed to hit out at the star for shamelessly promoting the product despite her alleged plans to get surgery, with one person writing: "You are away to get more surgery"

Someone else commented: "She’s not trying to lose weight, she’s trying to sell out!"

Another said: "All it does is run the guts out of you 🙈"

One more added: "I think it’s just about the advertisements If I’m honest x"

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This isn't the first time there's been reports that Katie has had a tummy tuck, back in 2016 a professional plastic surgeon hinted that her incredible figure may be down to surgery.

She was also branded fake by her son Junior following a facelift and then fans accused her of being on drugs following a bizarre video about her latest surgery.

The My Crazy Life star then revealed her plans to "sort out" her latest facelift after claiming the surgeon "f--ked up" her face.

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