The best clip in hair extensions to give yourself the ultimate glow-up

Desperate for longer and thicker hair? These are the best clip in extensions for black hair, blonde hair, curly hair - you get the picture

best clip in hair extensions in UK

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We've had a look at the best clip-in hair extensions - because let's be honest - there's nothing better than when your hair is done, right?

Now we know getting your real hair done will leave you feeling like a new person, but it's a completely different ball game when you get extensions.

Seriously, whether it's a wig, tape extensions or bond extensions, it's easy to feel like a brand new person, but we have to admit clip-ins are our go-to. You can take them out at night, add as many or as little to your barnet, and if you get the right ones, you can easily blend them into your hair.

Trust us - if you invest in some extensions, you'll have everyone thinking your hair has grown inches and gotten thicker overnight (and you won't need to take special vitamins or use shampoos for fast hair growth).

What colour clip in hair extensions are available?

We've all (unfortunately) had bad hair days, and some of us have even had bad hair extension days. You know, when they don't blend in? Or when they're not even the same texture as your real hair? Or even the right colour?

We're still cringing about it, BUT it's 2021 and our prayers to finding the right extensions have finally been answered - simply look around.

Yup. There's a range of different places you can buy hair extensions that'll suit your exact hair type and colour. Long gone are the days when you'd have to look down your high street for extensions because nowadays they're even sold on ASOS.

We've managed to find black clip-in hair extensions, blonde clip-in hair extensions, human hair clip-in extensions, curly clip-in hair extensions, ponytail clip-in hair extensions - you name it.

What different materials are clip-in hair extensions made from?

Your hair extensions are either made from real hair or synthetic hair and the difference is quite something.

If your extensions are made from real hair, then you'll be able to wash, condition, straighten or curl your hair like normal; however, the price is likely to be more expensive. Top tip: a conditioning hair mask will even help revive your extensions after a week or so, and aloe vera is a great ingredient to look out for.

That said, if you want to save some money, then synthetic hair extensions are your way to go; they're cheaper, but they don't last as long, and we'd strongly advise you to keep them away from water or heat.

If you're still unsure about what clip-in extensions to buy, then don't worry because we've found the best clip-in hair extensions on the market - so it'll be one less thing to worry about.

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Best clip in hair extensions UK

Mini Grande 18'' 90s Bounce Wraparound Pony1 of 7
CREDIT: LullaBellz

Mini Grande 18'' 90s Bounce Wraparound Pony

Best clip in hair extensions for ponytailsFancy channelling the 90s? Well, you definitely can with this ponytail and despite it being synthetic hair, it must be good if Love Island's Kendall Rae Knight wears it.Pros: It can be washed with a gentle shampooCons: You can't style with heatCustomer review:"I really like this. The trick is multiple hair bobbles - when I tried just putting one or two hair bobbles in, the pony was pulling my head back. Just putting another hair bobble - honestly, it doesn't hurt. I've never tried anything like this and it only took me a couple attempts."

Clip In 20" Weft Human Hair Extensions - Dark Brown No reviews2 of 7
CREDIT: Easilocks

Clip In 20" Weft Human Hair Extensions - Dark Brown No reviews

Best human clip in hair extensions OK, it's a little expensive, but it's 100% remy human hair meaning it's one of the best quality human hair extensions because the cuticles are kept intact. Pros: Ethically sourcedCons: Once heat styled and washed, they won't return to their original style (as they were when you received them) and will need to be re-styled from then on out.Customer review:"Wow this hair is unbelievable, I love wearing these for special occasions! Can't recommend them enough!"

B 4C Afro Kinky Curly Clip in Hair Extensions 16 Inches3 of 7
CREDIT: Amazon

B 4C Afro Kinky Curly Clip in Hair Extensions 16 Inches

Best natural hair clip in extensionsThere's nothing better than when your hair looks fuller and thicker which is why we'd 10/10 recommend these clip-in extensions. It's real human hair, it can be dyed and it's great if you want to wear it every day. Pros: Perfect for 4B and 4C type hair. Cons: Use fingers to detangle hair, combs will damage the curls.Customer review:"This was a great hairpiece. I love it, no tangles, very little shedding. Would definitely order again!!!"

26" Super Sleek Invisiu00ae-Ponytail - Iced Blonde4 of 7
CREDIT: Beauty Work

26" Super Sleek Invisi®-Ponytail - Iced Blonde

Best clip in hair extension for a long ponytailMolly-Mae Hague is an ambassador for the brand and she's even posted an IGTV wearing this exact clip in ponytail. Pros: Easy to wash, 100 per cent human hairCons: A little on the pricey side...

Eight piece clip in virgin hair (coily-kinky)5 of 7
CREDIT: pls London

Eight piece clip in virgin hair (coily-kinky)

Best clip in hair extensions for coily/kinky hairIf your hair is coily/kinky and you struggle finding clip-ins that actually match your hair, pls London has got you covered. Pros: This eight-piece is virgin hair (meaning it hasn't been chemically processed) and it can last up to TWO YEARS - now that's an investment hun.Cons: pls London advise against dying unless done by a professional hair colouristCustomer review: "I purchased these clips ins and I must say I'M IN LOVE! the quality is unreal and feels just like my true 4C hair. They're easy to apply and blend in with my hair once been gently combed."

LullaBellz super thick 26 inch 5 piece statement straight clip in hair extensions6 of 7

LullaBellz super thick 26 inch 5 piece statement straight clip in hair extensions

Best clip in extensions for thick hairNeed some clip-in extensions for your next girls night? Then why not add some length and thickness to your locks with these LullaBellz ones? Pros: BARGAINCons: They're synthetic so won't last as long as real hair.Customer review: "Bought this a few weeks ago and they are so soft, long and only down fall is the amount of hair that falls out of the extensions themselves"

Cinnamon Ginger – Elegant 18" Silk Seamless Clip In Human Hair Extensions7 of 7

Cinnamon Ginger – Elegant 18" Silk Seamless Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Best clip in hair extensions for red hairAdd some volume to your copper 'do with these 18-inch human hair extensions from Foxy Locks. Pros: Specifically designed with banding 30 per cent thinner.Cons: Hard to exactly colour match hairCustomer review: "I am in love! I have never had extensions before due to having red hair I never thought I would get a colour that would go with my natural hair... However, I saw the cinnamon ginger and thought I would go for it! I never imagined being this happy with the result."

How to make your hair extensions look real

There's no point getting hair extensions if they don't look natural, but you don't have to worry because celebrity hair stylist and founder of Easilocks, Shane O'Sullivan, has given his top tips.

"The most important advice we have for making extensions look natural is to make sure you get the correct colour match.

If the colour is not right, it can be a huge giveaway that you are wearing extensions. Easilocks offer a free colour matching service to ensure your hair extensions are the perfect hue and you can also order a £1 sample of the hair colour from Easilocks before committing to the extensions," he explained.

Do clip in extensions damage hair?

Easilocks clip in extensions promise "gorgeous glamour, damage-free" and, according to hair loss clinic The Belgravia Centre, customers should try to limit "regular wear" in order to minimise hair loss.

"The more weight the extensions add to the hair and the longer they are left in, the more chance there is of developing hair breakage," they claimed.

They added, "The healthiest way to wear hair extensions is by choosing lightweight clip-in versions and only wearing them for short periods."

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How to put in clip in hair extensions

1) Start by washing your hair

To achieve the most natural and glamorous look, it’s best to start with clean hair and clean extensions. When your hair and extensions are dry, gently comb both to ensure you are knot-free and ready to style.

2) Style your real hair

Depending on the texture and style of the extensions (e.g. poker straight, beachy waves, big bouncy curls), blow-dry and style your natural hair to match.

3) Put your extensions in

Once you have finished styling, section off your hair horizontally where you want the hairpiece to sit and gently backcomb your own hair to help the extensions stay in place.

If you are using one strip of extensions, it’s best to fit these halfway down your head so you have plenty of natural hair to go over the top, and you have hair underneath to conceal the clips if you plan on tying your hair up.

Once you have the section ready and backcombed, clip in the extensions and softly brush through to blend natural hair with extensions. And prepare for lots of compliments!

4) Take your extensions out

Once you have finished strutting your stuff with fabulous hair, you can unclip them. To keep them looking natural and luscious, make sure you comb them after use and store them somewhere safe where they won't get tangled.

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