The very best heated rollers for big bouncy curls

A guide to the top-rated heated rollers online to ensure every day is a good hair day

best heated rollers

by Louella Berryman |

It might seem a little retro, but heated curlers are going to be your new best pal, we swear.

They're easier to use (with a bit of practice) than a curling wand, and you'll not only achieve curls but some sought-after volume, too.

They're pretty much your answer to an at-home blow-dry, and with the right set, the curls can last days.

The benefits of using heated rollers:

• They're really easy to use, simply wrap around sections of hair and leave for 15-20 minutes and voila. Perfect curls every time.

• The curls last much longer thanks to the combination of heat and allowing each hair section to cool.

• They're kinder to your hair than usual blow dry tools and straightening irons.

• They're fun to use during your self-care routine. Add a sheet mask and a glass of wine and you're golden.

With this in mind, we've gathered together our favourite heated rollers for all hair types and budgets. So go on, get shopping so your hair can live its best life in 2022.

Check out our guide to the best heated rollers for gorgeous curls


Where to shop the best heated rollers 2022

Nicky Clarke Heated 25 mm Rollers Compact Travel Set of 12
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This set of 12 heated rollers from Nicky Clarke is ideal for using on the go and comes in a handy travel case. The set comes with easy-to-use grips and each curler has a 'heat ready dot' so you can tell when they're hot enough to use. The ionic technology creates the perfect 'do, and the worldwide voltage adds to their jet-setting credentials.

Pros: Perfect for travelling.

Cons: Not suitable for shorter hair.

best heated rollers
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This is a great beginner kit and a total bargain, too. The rollers are of great quality for the price, and can even cope with long hair. The rollers are perfect for adding volume in a flash. The set includes 10 large rollers, 10 metal pins and a cute storage bag.

Pros: Great price and perfect for travelling.

Cons: Not great for shorter hair due to lack of variation in roller size.

best heated rollers
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This dinky set is the little sister of BaByliss' 30-piece set and boasts a speedy heat-up time and grippy rollers. The rollers are also infused with ceramic to deliver frizz-free results. Includes 20 easy-grip rollers in three different sizes, 10 super clips and 20 metal pins.

Pros: The rollers heat up in just 5 minutes and come in at a very respectable £34.

Cons: The storage box isn't very sturdy and some bits fall out, so if you're travelling with it, be careful.

best heated rollers
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With over 500 glowing reviews on Amazon, it's not hard to see why these heated rollers are best sellers. Thanks to OptiHeat Technology, rollers are ready in five minutes. The set includes 20 rollers.

Pros: The kit has 20 rollers in two different sizes, so can get through even the thickest of hair for bouncy curls.

Cons: Some of the clips leave a noticeable kink in your hair after using them.

best heated rollers
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These sleek rollers work wonderfully for short hair, although for long locks you might find yourself a roller or two short. The set includes eight rollers.

Pros: The velvet flocking leaves hair smooth and shiny, not frazzled, after curling

Cons: These rollers heat up to a mighty 250 degrees, so make sure to use a heat protector spray before using.

best heated rollers
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Another great set from BaByliss, these rollers have three different sizes and a choice of grips for keeping the rollers in place. Includes 20 thermo-ceramic rollers in different sizes, 15 clips and 20 metal pins.

Pros: Quick heat-up time and enough rollers to cope with a whole head of hair.

Cons: The grips leave a bit of a kink and the heat indicator light isn't super reliable, according to reviews.

best heated rollers
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This unique set promises salon-quality curls that heat up ultra-fast and work flawlessly. The easy-to-use design eliminates the need for clips and pins, delivering faster styling and secure hold. The set includes 18 large hair styling pods.

Pros: a pretty well-priced set with enough rollers to do your whole head, even with long hair.

Cons: some reviews say they're hard to place in your hair.

best heated rollers
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BaByliss is pretty much the king of curls and this is another great set from the brand. It has a heat-up time of six minutes and had everything you need for great hair. Includes 20 rollers in three sizes and easy-to-use clips.

Pros: a comprehensive set at a great price, and the ceramic effect makes curls super long-lasting.

Cons: some reviews say the clips aren't great for long hair.

Still undecided on whether heated rollers are for you? Scroll down to read some FAQs...

How to pick the best rollers for your hair type

The best thing about these roller sets is the variation in size. You can choose any combination of curl sizes to create multiple looks, depending on your hair type and the look you're after.

If you want tight curls then choose smaller rollers, and if you want wavy, loose locks then go for a larger size.

Now, for hair type. If you've got fine or short hair then you're better off using smaller rollers.

If you've got long, thick hair: try a larger size.

Can rollers be used on all hair lengths?

Yes - although your hair length will affect the results.

Using rollers on short hair will produce volume but not a full curl. Rollers work best on long or medium-length straight hair as this hair type will produce the smoothest kink-free curl.

If you have curly hair then rollers can be used to loosen the curl and smooth out kinks.

How long do I leave heated rollers in for?

You can leave rollers in for different amounts of time depending on what kind of look you're going for.

For loose waves, leave them in for 10-15 minutes, and for tighter curls leave them in for 30 minutes or more.

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How to choose the best heated rollers

1) Find the correct size for your hair length: There are lots of factors to consider when you're buying a set of heated rollers, from size to price and product material.

2) Check the heat settings: once you've figured out what size you need based on your hair type, you'll need to look at the heat settings. It's best to go for rollers with a couple of settings so you can control the stress you're putting your hair under.

3) Choose your materials: Next, you'll need to look at what they're made from. Ceramic, tourmaline or titanium are best because they're great at conducting heat and will prevent frizziness.

4) What are you using them for: it's also important to consider the weight of your rollers, if you're going to be using them on the go it's best to go with a set specifically designed for travel, or they'll be too heavy.

Do heated rollers damage your hair?

All heat products will damage your hair, but you can take steps to protect your strands with a heat protectant spray.

Generally speaking, rollers will submit your hair to less high temperatures than straighteners or curling iron. So in this respect, they're slightly better for your hair.

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How to use heated rollers

Our step-by-step guide to using heated rollers for perfect curls, every time:

First, plug in your rollers and let them heat up. While they're getting steamy, use some heat protectant on your hair.

Then, section your hair above the ears and clip the top part of your hair out of the way. Divide the bottom section in two and get curling.

Place the heated roller under a section of hair, roll the hair around it up to the scalp, then pin in place if pins are required.

Continue all over your head. When curling the top section, roll away from your face.

Apply hairspray and leave for 30-45 minutes before gently unrolling and brushing out.

Can you use rollers on wet hair?

Usually, you use rollers on dry or nearly dry hair. This is because wet hair is more prone to damage and breakage.

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