The best purple hair dye for perfect violet locks

Find the perfect purple for you with our selection of both permanent and semi-permanent purple hair dye.

Best purple hair dyes on lilac background

by Angelica Daujotas |

From Katy Perry to Kylie Jenner, it seems like almost everyone goes through a purple hair stage. If it’s something temporary you want to try out or a new permanent change you’re braving, we’re all for it and want to help you get the violet locks of your dreams.

Finding the right purple is essential, with endless shades and tones on offer, it’s easy to get lost in it all. Whether you’re after a light purple dye for a silver-tone lilac or a dark purple dye for a bright and fiery shade, there really is a box dye for it all.

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Colour newbie? Here’s what you should look out for with purple hair dye:

Permanent vs semi-permanent

Semi-permanent hair colours are usually more vibrant artificial colours that wash out with time, typically 2-8 weeks depending on the brand/product. Permanent colours, however, do not wash out - they alter your hair's pigment permanently, but they may fade over time.

Semi-permanent colours are great if you know you want to try a few colours and want to change up and dye your hair frequently. This makes semi-permanent colours great for people scared of commitment.

Permanent purple hair dye colours offer 100% grey coverage and longer-lasting vibrant colour. They also provide rich colours that don’t fade as quickly as semi-permanent, so make sure you’re ready to commit before you take the plunge.

Tone of colour to complement skin tone

There’s a perfect purple hair colour out there for everyone, you’ve just got to find the right one to compliment your skin tone and undertone.

Fairer skin tends to suit a pastel lilac, almost silver-purple as it’s light and has cool blue undertones that complement the skin. Whereas a deeper medium skin tone would suit a plum purple with red undertones beautifully, as it compliments the warmth of the skin.

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Home dyeing kits

Dying your own hair at home can be daunting, therefore finding the right box dye that guarantees great results is a must. Here’s what you should look for in a box dye:

• Easy to use applicator bottles

• High-quality gloves are a must – box dye gloves can be thin and prone to breaking so make sure you have some spare disposable gloves at hand

• An after-care treatment/conditioner – after-care is crucial to maintain soft, silky and healthy hair

• Easy to follow instructions - this is pretty self-explanatory, but every brand’s dyes are slightly different so following clear instructions is crucial

Salon-less and craving change? We’ve found the best purple hair dyes, semi-permanent or permanent, from lilacs to ultraviolets, to help you find your perfect purple that guarantees luscious and healthy locks.

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Remember: Always do a patch test before using a hair dye.


What is the longest lasting purple hair dye?

With vibrant and bold colours such as purple, it’s common to see colour fade after washes, even if it's permanent. The longest-lasting purple dye we've found is Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour Permanent Purple Hair Dye, as it guarantees up to eight weeks of bold and vibrant colour – more than any other brand.

Is purple hair dye damaging?

Putting any harsh chemicals on your hair can be damaging. When searching for the least damaging purple hair dye, look for dyes that don't contain any peroxide or ammonia; these are typically the most common damaging ingredients.

However, with dyes that still contain these chemicals, brands will include a specially formulated after-care treatment designed to lessen any damage and keep the hair protected.

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Will purple hair dye go over brown?

This all depends on the tone of purple, as well as the type of brown you’re colouring on top of. There are brands and colours that are specifically designed to dye naturally darker colours, like the Schwarzkopf Live Colour + Lift Ultra Violet.

The type of purple you desire is also important. If you’re after a lilac or pastel purple, the likelihood is that you would have to bleach or strip your hair of any previous colour dyes to see results. If a darker purple is what you’re after, then it's most likely you will be able to find a dye that works for you and your hair.

Who wears purple hair dye?

Whether it was for Coachella or a red carpet look, most of our favourite celebrities have given purple hair time in the spotlight. From Nicki Minaj to Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato and Jessie J, purple hair dye has been a staple in creating some of their most iconic looks ever.

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