We tried the viral £5.59 hair removal cream – and yes, it actually lived up to the hype

As smooth as a dolphin? We've put it to the test.

WooWoo Tame It Hair Removal Cream Review

by Jade Moscrop |
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With life being constantly hectic, many of us are searching for the best hair removal products that won't break the bank, or leave us with the dreaded shaving rash. What's come to our rescue? TikTok, of course.

WooWoo's Tame It! hair removal cream is a best-seller, retailing at under £7 - bargain. With tonnes of influencers and TikTokers running to review the cream, we can't help but be curious about whether it *actually* works. We've seen it happen with TikTok and hair removal stones and the reviews are promising, but does it really perform? We put it to the test to find out.

Women's razors are relatively cheap, but they're a nightmare to use in those ~intimate parts~, and while waxing is great, there aren't many of us who can pluck up the courage to rip off the strips ourselves without screaming the house down, so we're hoping that this will solve all our problems.

Hair removal cream has been around for years, but finding the perfect hair removal cream can be a process of trial and error. Luckily, we've stumbled upon a hair removal cream that's not only lovely for your skin but does the job and is vegan and cruelty-free.

Our thoughts: WooWoo Tame It! hair removal cream full review

WooWoo Tame It! Intimate Hair Removal Creamlook fantastic
Price: £5.59 (was £6.99)


Jojoba oil and aloe vera make for a gentle but effective hair remover in this WooWoo hair removal cream. Removing hair in as little as 3-6 minutes, it's a win from us.


  • Works in as little as three minutes
  • Super easy to use
  • Vegan
  • Sensitive skin friendly


  • Results vary

Tested by Jade Moscrop, Commercial Content Editor:

"I've used a few hair removal creams before, but with varying results. Some have a strange toxic smell, some barely touch the sides and some leave you with nasty burns (and they go straight in the bin).

"I grabbed myself a tube of WooWoo after reading the reviews, hoping it would finally be the answer to my silky-smooth-dolphin prayers. As it's specifically designed for down below, it's great for those with sensitive skin. I also love that it's cruelty-free and vegan - something that's important to me when choosing beauty products.

"As per the instructions, I slathered on a good amount with the spatula provided. I do wish the spatula had a slightly wider handle at one end, but overall it does the job well, allowing you to work around your curves easily.

"It smells amazing - a subtle floral scent, so if this isn't your bag, it may not be for you - but it'll definitely smell better than the chemical-laden products you've used in the past.

WooWoo Tame It! Hair Removal Cream Review
©Photo: WooWoo

"I left it on for around about four minutes the first time, hopped in the shower and removed it with a cloth. While it removed most of the hair, I was still left with some patches, but no redness or sore bits - hoorah.

"WooWoo does suggest figuring out a time that works for you, as everyone's hair is different, so for the second application (72 hours later - safety first), I left it on for the full six minutes and stayed outside of the shower for the full duration before removing it with a cloth in the shower. This time, it worked like a dream.

"The thing I love most about this cream is that you aren't left red raw like with other products. Regrowth is comfortable, skin feels moisturised and it doesn't cause any ingrown hairs. What more could you want?

"I think I'll get about 3-4 hair removal sessions out of one tube (50ml), which for under £7, has me feeling very smug indeed. If you want to stock up, the 100ml tube costs just over a tenner. This is definitely my new go-to."

Well, there you have it. Want to try it out for yourself? Snap up the WooWoo hair removal cream on Amazon, Boots and other beauty retailers right now.

Are hair removal creams safe?

To put it simply, yes.

You will always want to do a patch test on any kind of skin product but especially hair removal, because it can sometimes cause a reaction if you're not safe. Make sure to do the test at least 24 hours before doing your hair removal, so that you get a full test.

Most hair removal creams are totally safe to use across large areas of your body, i.e. your arms and legs. When it comes to your bikini line though, you'll have to double-check that it's okay for that more intimate area - and a word of warning, make sure you're putting the cream on the exterior of your privates around the vulva. Definitely do not put it near or on the inside. WooWoo is totally safe to use when you use it like this.

For those sensitive skin warriors, look out for natural ingredients that won't flare up your skin. Most hair removal will have this very obviously on the bottle or in the description.

If you're worried about using creams on your skin, you can always go for another effective hair removal alternative like the best epilators or IPL machines. There's an option out there for everyone.

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