TOWIE’s Clelia Theodorou reveals why she was “sweating” during her date with Rem Larue

She’s revealed what actually happens during filming

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by Lucy Smith |

Clelia Theodorou has spoken out about what it's really like on the set of TOWIE while the cast are on a date and it sounds VERY interesting.

During the latest series viewers saw Clelia and Rem Larue go on a few dates but they didn't see the rest of the crew behind the cameras.

And it turns out that there's about six other people behind the cameras while the cast are filming their dates. Bobby Norris explained, "I really get awkward with dates and then knowing that there's six camera men around you..."

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His co-star Clelia then went on to say, "That's the hardest bit. The fun dates are good but when it's a dinner date...

"I was trying to get to know Rem [Larue] and it couldn't have been more real but I was sweating, watching everyone watching."

Speaking on FUBAR Radio, the reality star went on to tell Bobby and radio presenter Stephen Leng, "When we’d have our little breaks, they're [the producers] like, ‘Oh this is so cute!’.

“And you're like, ‘Do you want the date to be cute? Do you want it to be funny? What do you want it to be like?’”

TOWIE famously give viewers a disclaimer at the beginning of the show to let them know that, “Some of what they [the cast] do has been set up purely for your entertainment,” and OG star Bobby cut in to explain that he feels the show is true to real life.

He said, “After 10 years, people will go to me in Sainsbury's or wherever, 'But how fake is it,' or 'How much is real?'.

“It is real. We have no script, I almost wish we did!”

Agreeing with Bobby, Clelia added that, "it couldn’t have been more real."

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who is tommy c
Tommy joined Rem as one of the series' newcomers. ©ITVBe

On the latest series of TOWIE, producers unveiled a new cast member - Tommy C - alongside Rem, Dani Imbert and Roman Hackett.

It’s currently speculated where Tommy and Frankie Sims' relationship will go after Demi - the youngest of the trio - introduced the pair earlier this month.

Commenting on her thoughts about filming now vs. when she herself was new to the show, Clelia told Bobby and Stephen, “I'm so used to being on the show.

"I felt like for me it [being filmed while on a date] was quite easy, but maybe for Rem, being new, it might've been a bit more difficult."

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