TOWIE star set to perform at festival in shock career change

He was cut from the show after just one series following a row with Clelia Theodorou


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After over a year since the last series (thanks, COVID) TOWIE returned in 2021 for its 28th series and we're patiently waiting the new series where the cast are jetting off to an exotic location.

Despite the break-ups, make-ups and secret friends-with-benefits arrangements exposed in the previous series, ITVBe clearly thought fans could do with a little more drama and introduced Rem Larue to the cast in 2019.

While Rem seemed to get off to a strong start, he was eventually axed from the show following a row with Clelia Theodorou.

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Despite no longer being on our tellies, life goes on for Rem, and he recently revealed he has a new job and has just bagged a slot performing at a festival.

While Rem has always been a DJ, he has recently announced that he will be playing Titan festival with his friend, "Catch me DJing @titanfestivaluk my guy @joshuahodges14 bringing me in ✌️💯."

The news comes after he performed for promoters All-Sorts at their Country Club All Dayer event in Trent Park on 30 April.

He shared the news on his Instagram story with the caption, "Over 450 tickets left! All tables sold out! All Dayer😍."

REM SPINNING SOME TUNES ©Instagram / remlarue

If you can't remember what Rem got up to on TOWIE, we've got you covered...

Who is Rem Larue?

Rem is reality TV star who first rose to fame when he starred in the 28th series of TOWIE. As is customary for new TOWIE recruits, Rem already had links to a number of the other cast before he signed up to the show, notably Harry Lee and Tom McDonnell. He is also well known in Essex as a club promoter and DJ, once DJing at Amy Childs’ birthday.

When did Rem Larue join TOWIE?

Rem joined the cast on 14th March 2021 for series 28. His time on the show was limited to one series, however, as he was axed from the show before series 29.

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Why was Rem Larue axed from TOWIE?

It's unclear exactly why Rem was axed from the show, but he was not alone. Fan faves, Harry Derbidge, Tom McDonnell, Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows were also axed, along with Harry Lee, Kelsey Stratford, Clelia Theodorou and Ella Rae Wise.

It seems the decision wasn't made based on Rem's fued with Clelia, as she was also dropped from the cast.

What happened between Rem Larue and Clelia Theodorou?

Rem and Clelia went on a few dates while he was on the show, but things didn't work out between the two. Rem's feelings for Clelia weren't reciprocated, which led Rem to start an argument with her.

The argument divided fans, but most seemed to be on Clelia's side and thought Rem's angry response towards her was out of line and very much unjustified given the few dates they'd been on and the fact she was upfront with him about her feelings (or lack thereof).

At the time one person wrote on Instagram, “Bruised egos make men so embarrassing 😂.

“If she’d told him by text, he would have complained that she should have done it face to face. He clearly feels a sense of obligation that she should like him back because he’s been nice to her" (ouch).

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What’s Rem Larue’s job?

As well as promoting and DJing, multi-talented Rem also works as a recruitment consultant and reportedly has qualifications in mechanical engineering.

Where is Rem Larue from?

Why, Essex of course!

Does Rem Larue have a girlfriend?

As far as we can tell Rem is currently single.

Does Rem Larue have Instagram?

He does. You can follow him on @remlarue

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