TOWIE: Demi Sims’ exes – who are they?

We take a deep dive into her famous exes…

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Since her arrival on TOWIE way back in 2014 as part of the iconic Sims sisters, Demi Sims has cemented herself as one of our favourite ever cast members.

From her rock solid relationship with her sisters Chloe and Frankie Sims to her honesty about being open with her sexuality and dating both women and men – we utterly adore her.

Demi has spoken openly about coming out when she was 19 after feeling “trapped” in her body before coming out as bisexual.

Last year viewers watched as Demi celebrated her 25th birthday with a Pride party where co-stars James Bennewith, aka Diags, and Roman Hackett both expressed their feelings for her.

However, Demi later admitted that she was confused about her feelings and was undedcided whether she wanted to date a man or a woman.

So, who has Demi dated in the past? We take a deep dive into her famous exes…

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TOWIE's Demi Sims exes

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Megan Barton-Hanson

Demi dated Love Island star Megan in 2019 when they both appeared on Celebs Go Dating. Despite the pair 'bonding' during the show, their romance fizzled out when Megan's "jealously" became an issue. A spokesperson for Megan, however, claimed the relationship broke down because Megan felt the three year age gap between the reality stars was too big.The pair later reunited on BBC Three show Eating With My Ex and Megan later admitted they had "no sexual chemistry" but they remain close friends. Fast forward to 2023 and they've reunited.

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Francesca Farago

Demi's biggest relationship was with from fellow reality queen Francesca Farago, who rose to fame on Netflix's 2020 smash, Too Hot to Handle.The couple are thought to have met on social media and spent the first weeks of 2021 working on a fashion campaign together in Mexico. Despite their constant public declarations of love and matching tattoos, the pair split in April just weeks after Francesca moved to London and joined TOWIE.

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Bethan Kershaw

Demi and Geordie Shore star Bethan have been spotted kissing A LOT of times over the past couple of years. However, Demi has insisted that they are just "flirty friends" and have not been in a "committed relationship".

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Leonie McSorley

Demi and Ex On The Beach star Leonie dated in 2019 and the pair were official with Leonie telling her 82,900 Instagram followers she is "wifed off".Despite splitting in 2020, there were rumours going around recently that the pair could be getting back together. When Demi took to the 'gram to share some steamy snaps of her "feeling like a queen" as she posed in her new bed, Leonie commented, "I don't remember you wearing that sort of outfit when we went to bed."

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James Bennewith (Diags)

Despite Demi recently friendzoning Diags when he and Roman fought for her affections, she let slip that they had shared a kiss in the past. Oooo-er.

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Demi has spoken openly about coming out as bisexual at the age of 19 during an appearance on close friend Vas J Morgan's I Am Enough podcast.

The youngest Sims sister explained, “Obviously you know I came out as bi at 19, but for three years prior to that I was hiding in the closet.

“So then for those three years, I really do see them as very dark days. I was trapped in a body that wasn't me.

“Now I feel like I obviously have that weight off my chest I'm in a happier place, but I do look back on those days like wow, what a dark place that was.”

The star also revealed that she had her first series girlfriend at 18 and it was her first serious relationship.

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