RHOCheshire’s Sheena Lynch claps back at fan in explosive rant, ‘Go fix your life’ 👀

The drama continued on Instagram following the explosive series 16 debut

Sheena Lynch Real Housewives of Cheshire

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If you didn't tune into the first episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire series 16, why on earth – more specifically Cheshire – not? It's not like you can say Love Island is on any more (RIP).

For those who did, you don't need us to tell you that the episode was downright explosive. Vibe wise, a throwback to the very early series.

We got a Lauren Simon /Nicole Sealey row, a new Housewife in the form of Atomic Kitten icon Natasha Hamilton and that oh-so-strange Hanna Kinsella / Rachel Lugo / Nick incident at the gala. Not to mention the fact that we got a sneak peek at the drama-to-come this season and, well, let's just say nobody's playing around this series.

Particularly the ever so iconic Sheena Lynch, it would seem...

How seamless was that?

Following the season premiere, Housewives Sheena and Lystra Adams took part in an Instagram Live to discuss the first episode and answer fan questions. Of course, that required them to read the live comments, which were both glowing and, well, rude af. On Instagram? Colour us surprised.

During the live chat, one RHOCheshire fan wrote, 'Fix your lashes babe'. For context, it was 10.30pm at night and Sheena admitted she was ready for bed – and even a Cheshire Housewife doesn't go to bed with her false lashes on. Okay, maybe Lystra does, but still... RUDE.

Thankfully, Sheena is an icon and not afraid to clap back. She said, "Listen, don't worry about my lashes! I'm about to go to bed. Listen, don't be telling me about that – it's bed time. So, calm down. Don't worry about my lashes. Worry about your lashes! Worry about your lashes, yeah?"

A few seconds later Sheena continued, "It's bed time, not lash time. Go fix your life."


Lystra – who found the interchange hysterical, btw – told viewers, "Do you know what? Do not underestimate Sheena. I know a lot of you say, 'She's this, she's quiet', but do not underestimate Sheena – she will give it to you.'"

And give it to them she did. If we get even a fraction of this from Sheena this series we will be happy.

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