TOWIE: shaming Chloe Brockett is humiliating and shows things haven’t changed

A classic case of the woman having a harder time than the man

shaming chloe brockett double standards towie

by Hannah Mellin |

TOWIE is officially back in our lives. And even though we welcome the drama (when do we not?), the storyline surrounding Chloe Brockett and James Lock’s summer fling has already dominated the new series.

In the latest episode, the cast headed back to Essex following a staycation in Sandbanks in Dorset and Chloe Brockett was faced with rumours that James was left feeling “cringed out” by their relationship.

shaming chloe brockett double standards towie
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Over the last two episodes, Chloe has bared the brunt of her actions way more than James has - she’s argued with Liam “Gatsby” Blackwell after he gossiped about her actions and faced an intense questioning about “girl code” as she used to be mates with James’ ex-girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou – who has sensationally returned to the show on the back of the rumours.

Chloe also had an awkward meeting with James where she was forced to ask him if he regretted what happened between them and the consequences of the whole of Essex talking about her sex life.

shaming chloe brockett double standards towie
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Even though it’s reality TV, does anyone want to be having those conversations about what happened between two consenting adults? And why is James getting to laughed off the situation while Chloe is having to dodge bullets about being there “being a lot of bikes in Essex” from her co-stars. She's single, she can do what she wants, right? Apparently not.

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Many viewers took to Twitter to air their thoughts about the double standards of women and men, with one writing, “It’s a bit hypocritical to issue a statement about being kind when you choose to produce a full episode centred around discussing a 20 year old’s sex life and making several attempts to humiliate her #TOWIE.”


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Another agreed, adding, “They are trying to shame Chloe yet Lockie is the big stud... 2021....never changes for women.”

Chloe herself even replied to a tweet that asked her whether a comment that Gatsby made about “there’s a lot of bikes in Essex" being aimed at her.

She said, “I would assume it was.. what an old fashion comment, from a tiny little man. Imagine feeling so intimidated and emasculated by a 20 year old woman you chose to make derogatory comments about very sad x #towie”

Come on folks, it’s 2021, even if James and Chloe’s actions were shady, let men and women both be made accountable for their actions.

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