RHOCheshire star reveals which scenes are ‘scripted’ following WILD series 16 premiere

The ladies of Cheshire returned to our screens for series 16 this week

The cast of The Real Housewives of Cheshire series 16 in green dresses against a pink background

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If you're a Real Housewives of Cheshire fan, then no doubt you're still reeling from the ITVBe series' explosive return. We knew drama went down in Cheshire (understatement of the century), but we have to say, the ladies outdid themselves in the first hour of series 16.

From a fierce square-off between frenemies Nicole Sealey and Lauren Simon, to the dramatic af introduction of new Housewife Natasha Hamilton, Monday nights just feel right again, so thank you, ladies.

However, the very top-notch drama came from a somewhat unexpected source – Hanna Kinsella. In scenes that had to be seen to be believed, Rachel Lugo's now former partner Nick was seen storming off from a Cheshire gala, claiming that Rachel wasn't giving him enough attention.

To give the couple a breather, Hanna goes out to make sure Nick is okay. Audio (not film – that will be important later) is then played in which Hanna (seemingly) advises Nick to walk away from the relationship. Then, on film, Hanna goes back to comfort Rachel and retells the story, well, somewhat differently. It's odd – and has led many RHOCheshire fans to accuse Hanna of breaking 'girl code' – and no doubt a serious storyline for the series ahead.

Hanna Kinsella poses in a green dress in front of a pink backdrop
Could Hanna Kinsella be at the forefront of this season's drama? ©ITV/Monkey Kingdom

Now, here's where it gets really "spicy". Following the release of the first episode of the new series, Housewives Lystra Adams and Sheena Lynch took part in an Instagram live, featuring Lystra's stylist as well as her girlfriend, Ashley.

The Housewives spent a good hour or so talking about the first episode, reading comments and answering fan questions.

However, early on in the chat, Ashley jokingly asked Sheena what she thought of "the little script at the end of the show", a question Lystra (also jokingly) clapped back at.

Clearly speaking of the peculiar scene where Hanna and Nick's conversation outdoors is recorded, but not filmed, Ashley asked, "So, what do you think about the little script at the end of the show there?"

She continued, "The bit at the end of the show where somebody is shown to be misguiding the truth [ed's note: we're assuming this is youth speak for lies]? The mics were on, there was no camera". Read between the lines and its pretty clear that Ashley (who we couldn't adore more, btw) is suggesting that the conversation between Hanna and Nick was, at least in someway, "scripted".

How's that for tea?


Lystra and Sheena's responses (and Sheena's face) say it all: Lystra laughs nervously and tells her girlfriend to shush and Sheena remains professional, quiet and coy, claiming not to know anything about it.

Come on, girls – this isn't our first rodeo.

Meanwhile the day after the Instagram Live, Rachel took to her own Instagram to confirm her status with Nick, saying, "Nick and I met during COVID, during lockdown, and it was always a concern of mine when there's going to be a big imbalance in a relationship; when someone works – and I work a lot – and Nick doesn't work, so he can do everything that I have to do outside of work. There were other issues.

"Anyway, I don't know why he said he hadn't seen me for three months – that was nonsense. And I don't know why he said he hadn't seen me all night, because we spent three hours together before I even went [to the gala], but anyway.

"Nick and I had a great two and a half years. Brilliant, so I'm not going to say anything negative at all."

And that's just episode one... *chef's kiss*

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