Love Island star reveals ‘punishment’ if Islanders break the rules

Why have we never see this on Love Island?

love island punishment

by Hannah Mellin |

Over the years, we've found out that Love Island bosses are a stickler for following the rules. The show rulebook is a lengthy one and if you break them, you suffer a huge punishment or in severe cases, you're sent on the next flight home back to Blighty.

Thanks to Closer's Love Island Secrets, 2021 star Sharon Gaffka has revealed just how strict a place the Love Island villa can be.

When we asked about health and safety in the villa - leaving the iron on for example - Sharon admitted that health and safety in the villa is "massive" and you have to "request all the appliances to be turned on for you" if you want to use them.

Referring to the 'Voice Of God' (who is the tannoy system in the villa), Sharon told Closer, "You have to ask them to turn them on, actually stand there and say 'Can you turn the iron on and can you turn the iron off' and it's the same with the straighteners.

"We actually left the straighteners on at one point and we were told if we did it again we would have all of our heated appliances confiscated and as you can imagine, hair in a hot country is not an attractive look."

Savage but safety first.

Sharon, who coupled up with Aaron Francis on the show but left single, also served up some more secrets, including the one item that she really wanted to take into the villa but wasn't allowed.

WATCH: Sharon Gaffka EXPOSES Love Island Secret: "We were told we'd have our stuff confiscated"

In other Love Island rules news, Love Island 2019 star Amy Hart revealed in a recent TikTok that not only are you only allowed two drinks per night, but if you don't decide to drink one night, you can't give your drinks to someone else and if you do, the whole villa will be banned from drinking for a certain amount of days.

She said, "If you do get caught giving your drink to anyone everyone gets banned for like five days so you'll let everyone else down. So yeah, don't do that."

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