Sharon Gaffka reveals the one thing she wasn’t allowed to take into the villa and we’re confused

Bosses are strict when it comes to what is welcome in the Love Island villa

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by Hannah Mellin |

As we only get to watch an hour of edited Love Island footage per day, we love nothing more than a peek behind the Love Island curtain to discover all the secrets about life in the most famous Mallorca villa, from why they're forbidden from getting drunk to why the news that Islanders get a spending budget to splurge on clothes before they enter the villa.

We're here for all the tea.

Luckily for us all, the tea just keeps on coming as Love Island 2021 OG Sharon Gaffka has revealed more about her time in the villa last summer, including the item that she wasn't allowed to take in with her.

In a new episode of Closer's Love Island Secrets, Sharon was asked if there was anything she really wanted to take into the villa but wasn't allowed and she confessed, "I wasn't allowed to take my Foreo in the villa and I really need it to keep my skin clear so I was a bit upset about that."

For those who don't know what a Foreo is, it's a small silicone face brush that vibrate to cleanse the skin. If you use it to apply your cleanser, it helps remove dead skin, reduce signs of ageing and makes your skin look brighter and clearer - so we're a little confused why Sharon wasn't allowed to take it in with her.

However, she went on to explain that there are strict rules around skincare in the villa, adding, "You don't have to use the skincare provided in the villa, you can take your own but if it's not sold in Boots [who sponsor the show] you have to put labels over the branding."

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Even though she left the villa single and before her time, Love Island 2021 star Sharon, who has brief romances with Aaron Francis and Chuggs Wallis, has truly turned her experience on the show into a positive thing as she is constantly using her platform for good.

Unlike many show stars, who use their fame as an opportunity to make a tonne of money (no judgement here), Sharon has used her time post villa to speak about causes that are close to her and has recently worked tirelessly to improve the lives of the victims of drink spiking and even revealed her plans to become an member of parliament.

Sharon’s campaigning has paid off, as the sentences for people who possess or supply drink spiking drugs were recently extended.

“I would love to see myself as a member of parliament one day, or some kind of investigative journalism,” she recently told GB News.

“I definitely don’t want the standard influencer jobs you see from Love Islanders.”

Not bad, huh.

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