Love Island’s most BRUTAL dumpings ever

There’s been a fair few

love island brutal dumpings

by Hannah Mellin |

From dumpings to recouplings, Love Island’s twists and turns are nothing short of SAVAGE.

Over the years, we’ve been left shook as couples are sensationally split up in shock out of the blue dumpings, favourites are dumped early on, and Islanders are forced to send their fellow contestants home as they sacrifice friendship for love.

Recently, Love Island viewers were left baffled after OG Islander Brad McClelland was unceremoniously dumped when he and love interest Lucinda Strafford were voted as the least compatible couple. She quickly moved on with Aaron Francis before she was dumped herself and rekindled her romance with Brad on the outside.

However, Brad and Lucinda are not the first couple who have been torn apart by the show’s savage twists, oh no. Here’s our pick of the most DRAMATIC Love Island dumpings, prepare yourselves…

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Love Island's most brutal dumpings EVER

Love Island most brutal dumpings
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Despite being one of the most talked about potential contestants ever, former glamour model Shannon was brutually dumped from the villa after just three days when she was left single by late arrival Chloe Burrows choosing to couple up with Aaron Francis. It was the quickest dumping in Love Island history with most dumpings occurring at least a week after the Islanders have all settled in.

Love Island most brutal dumpings
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In 2018, blonde babes Charlie and Ellie were brutally dumped after a day out at the Island Beach Club, never to return to the villa. Asked how they felt about leaving, Ellie said it was 'bittersweet', while Charlie admitted he was ready to live. The pair later split after Charlie was accused of cheating.

Love Island most brutal dumpings
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In possibly the finest act of reality TV chivalry we've seen, Rykard Jenkins sensationally quit Love Island after his girl Rachel Fenton was dumped from the Island after a day out on the beach. The pair walked off into the sea together before collecting their belongings. Cute!

Love Island most brutal dumpings
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In 2019, Sherif was dramatically removed from the villa after "breaking the rules" during an incident with Molly-Mae Hague. Revealing what happened that got him booted, he revealed he accidentally kicked Molly-Mae in the groin and called it a "c--t punt". Sherif said, "I did kick Molly-Mae in the groin area, but it was an accident and she 100 per cent was not injured afterwards."She did appear to be in pain at first but then she stood up and seemed fine and we started laughing about it."

Love Island most brutal dumpings
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Zara was one of 2018's bombshells, but she didn't last in the villa long despite finding love with Adam Collard. She was dumped from the villa after the boys Josh, Jack, Sam and Wes opted to give her the boot over Ellie and Megan and she sobbed when she was forced to leave Adam behind.

Love Island most brutal dumpings
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Jonny was voted off the 2017 series when he was voted one of four least popular Islanders in a savage public vote. After the rest of the villa whittled the four names down to just two - Jonny and love interest Tyla Carr - it was Jonny who was sent packing. Cue the now infamous line "if she liked Jonny she would go home with him" line from Theo Campbell.

Love Island most brutal dumpings
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In 2018, 'loyal' Georgia Steel and Sam Bird were dumped from the villa when they refused to couple up with anybody apart from each other and instead chose to walk away from the villa together. Earlier on, the pair found themselves shunned by both the public and their fellow islanders earlier in the week, the two chose to split up and stay in the villa rather than go home as a couple but had a change of heart in a dramatic recoupling.

Love Island most brutal dumpings
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Love Island 2017 star Dom Lever (and all of us) were left SHOCKED when Jess Shears was sensationally dumped from the villa early on. However, it was his decision to stay in the villa that led their relationship to grow even stronger as he refused to get to know anyone else, even during his stay in Casa Amor. Dom was later dumped when Montana - who he was in a friendship couple with - decided to recouple with newbie Alex.

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This year’s series Love Island keeps throwing surprises at us and we've already seen a huge number of shock dumpings. The latest was no exception when a whopping FOUR Islanders were dramatically dumped from the villa following a public vote.

Hugo Hammond and Amy Day, Tyler Cruickshank and Clarisse Juliette and Sam Jackson and Mary Bedford were the three couples who received the least votes, but in a shock twist, the rest of the contestants were given the opportunity to save one boy and one girl. They chose to save Tyler and Mary, meaning Hugo, Amy, Clarisse and Sam were given the boot.

Although Hugo and Amy had been getting to know each other after he returned from the second villa with her in tow, their awkward exit interview appeared to suggest they were no longer an item as Hugo complained about his “tragic” love life in front of a stunned Amy.

The pair are now not speaking after a frosty altercation on Aftersun, as Amy branded Hugo “FAKE” and claimed she was “messed around” by him.


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