Fridge raider: Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka shares her food secrets

Love Island star Sharon Gaffka, 25, on her eating habits

Sharon Gaffka

by Closer staff |

How much do you spend per week?

About £30, which is for me, plus food for my dachshund, Vienna.

Describe your daily diet...

I have a set meal plan from a personal trainer to keep me on track. I have a nice coffee machine, so I’ll make myself a coconut flat white first thing. Then I’ll have a little bit of orange juice and some Coco Pops.

For a treat, I’ll have an almond croissant or cinnamon and raisin fruit loaf. Lunch varies between chicken, turkey, fish, with raw spinach and lots of other veggies, I might put it all in a wholegrain wrap or serve it with rice. Dinner will either be pasta or turkey Bolognese.

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What do you snack on during the day?

Normally I’ll have set snacks in my meal plan, like Babybel, sugar snap peas and houmous and Pop Chips.

Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I tried a chicken’s foot when I was abroad. It was in a noodle soup. It looked weird but it just tasted like chicken skin off the bone.


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Is there anything you refuse to eat?

I don’t eat pork. And although I eat fish, I’m terrified of any kind of fish or prawns with heads on!

What would you cook to impress?

The last time I hosted for guests, I made a chicken, mushroom and leek pie with a puff pastry crust, root vegetable mash, roasted parsnips and carrots.

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Nutritionist Juliette Kellow says, “Sharon could add more fibre to her diet by switching to a wholegrain cereal and having whole fruit rather than juice for breakfast.

“She should also choose a plant-based milk with added calcium for her bones – or cow’s milk, which is naturally rich in this nutrient.

“As she is cutting down on meat, she should make sure her veggie alternatives aren’t loaded with salt.”

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