Amber Turner reunites with former TOWIE star amid rumours she’s quit show

Amber's jetted off to Dubai where she's been spotted with a former TOWIE star

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Another day another potential TOWIE star calling it a day on their Essex experience.

We often put these Who is done with the show?' stories down to gossip - which we obviously play NO part in 👀 - but after the whole 'Chloe Brockett leaving TOWIE' rumours turned out to be true we feel the need to examine all evidence dropped on our desk.

The latest TOWIE chica whose name is making it through the 'OMG SHE HAS QUIT' grapevine is Amber Turner.

Amber split from dan last year ©itv - lime pictures

Since she split from long term partner, Dan Edgar, last year, Amber is constantly battling with the rumours that she has left TOWIE, especially after Dan started smooching frenemy, Ella Rae Wise.

We have an inkling the gossip about Amber's departure isn't going to settle down anytime soon, especially after she was snapped with a former TOWIE pal. Nothing screams 'I have left the show' like spending time with an ex co-star.

Taking to social media, Amber shared a pic of her enjoying a few cheeky cocktails with her group of girlfriends, including Shelby Tribble who said farewell to the reality TV show back in 2019.

Amber and Shelby Instagram

Just last week Amber took to her social media to slam claims that she had left the show as well as confirming she had very much not given her doggo, Oliver, to Dan ex on a permanent basis.

It is basically a full time job at this point, having to constantly deny the news that she is departing TOWIE and obviously, as major Amber Turner stans, we are always happy for her to deny deny DENY.

Chloe and ,Amber
Chloe and Amber ©itv - lime pictures

Amber seems to spend half her time in Essex and the other half in Dubai, where she was pictured with Shelby, with people wondering if she will eventually pack in TOWIE and move there permanently.

Honestly, with everything Amber has been through recently; from the Dan and Ella romance to spending time away from her fur baby, who could blame her if she did?

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