FAREWELL! Can a miracle stop Mick and Linda leaving the Vic forever?


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Are the Carters really about to pull their final pint in Walford?

It’s a sad time next week in Walford as Mick and Linda box up the last of their belongings and get ready to ship out of the Vic.

Mick has done pretty much everything he can to raise the funds in order to buy the freehold from Fi Willmott-Brown, he’s even turned to crime for goodness sake!

Mick can't bear to leave his beloved boozer ©BBC

However in the wake of the heist fiasco and with all the loot still missing, he has to admit defeat as he gets ready to kiss goodbye to his beloved boozer. There’s just no way he can raise the funds by the deadline which is looming at the end of next week.

Mick kisses the Queen Vic goodbye ©BBC

Meanwhile, Aidan and his gang are still scratching their heads as to where all the stolen dough has disappeared.

The gang mull over where the stolen loot could be ©BBC

Mick is convinced that Aidan has stitched them all up and accuses him of keeping the loot for himself. However Vince, Phil, Billy and co start to think that Mick might be the guilty party, after all, he was the one who needed the money the most.

Mick comes under suspicion ©BBC

Aware that he has no options left, the forlorn landlord gets ready to pack his suitcases along with mum Shirley, son Johnny and Linda.

At least Mick and Linda have still got eachother ©BBC

Jobless, homeless and on the verge of waving goodbye to Walford, things are looking bleak for the Carter clan.

Shirley can't bear to say goodbye ©BBC

As their final day behind the bar dawns is this really it for the family or will they be saved by an unlikely miracle?

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