CRINGE! Who ELSE is about to catch Bethany lap-dancing in Corrie?

Coronation Street

by Tess Lamacraft |
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There are VERY EMBARRASSING scenes when Bethany’s family members decide to check out the lap-dancing club!

So far lovely Craig is the only cobbles-dwellerwho knows about Bethany’s new lap dancing career but next week the news is about to become public knowledge when Gary and then Sarah, Audrey and Gail also learn the truth. Oh dear!

The drama kicks off when Bethany is determined to lay a honey-trap for her mum’s cheating ex Gary and enlists the help of one of her fellow lap-dancers. However, discovering he has been set up Gary is adamant he's going to make things right.

Coronation Street
Gary follows Bethany to the club and chats to her mate ©ITV

He follows Bethany and is shocked to discover her entering a lap-dancing club and even more stunned when he discovers she and her friend work there.

Coronation Street
Bethany's horrified to see Gary there ©ITV

Wanting to protect Sarah’s daughter, (in a heavy-handed kind of way, we have to say), he tries to drag her out of the club.

Coronation Street
Things turn ugly when Gary tries to get Bethany to leave ©ITV

But it all kicks off when a shrieking Bethany makes out she has no idea who Gary is and security swoop in to deal with Mr Windass.

Fists and elbows fly as a fight breaks out leaving Gary badly beaten up.

Craig is called to the fracas and is appalled to see Gary all bloodied and bruised.

He swiftly takes Bethany home where she brazenly announces to her mum that she’s now a lap dancer and that Gary came into the club to try and grope her. Cheeky madam! Will Sarah believe her?

Later on there’s more drama afoot when Gail hears Sarah and Bethany arguing and is horrified to learn that her grand-daughter is now working as a stripper.

Coronation Street
Gail, Audrey and Sarah do some lap-dancing "research" ©ITV

She and Sarah try to discuss the situation calmly and the next day, when they learn that Bethany has a day off from the club they decide to secretly go and check it out, along with Audrey to see exactly what has been going on and to chat to the club boss, Lulu.

However, they are SHOCKED when it seems that Bethany doesn’t have a day off after all. OOOPS!

Coronation Street
Bethany is horrified to see her mum, gran and great-gran! ©ITV

Imagine the horror when Bethany looks out into the audience and spots her mum, gran and great-gran all gawping in the background! Could this situation possibly get any CRINGIER?

Er, right now, we think it’s a no.

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