BABY HEARTBREAK: Eva has a HUGE decision to make in Corrie

Coronation Street

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When Eva has some shattering news from Toyah she’s left with a massive dilemma

Ditzy Eva has been plunged into turmoil after discovering she is pregnant with her ex Aidan’s baby.

Ever since getting the positive result on the testing kit she’s been in bits, fretting about whether or not to have a termination.

However things get even more emotional next week when Toyah, who’s desperate to be a mum, receives the heart-breaking news that her surrogate Jacqui, has miscarried her and Peter’s baby.

Coronation Street
Baby heartache for Toyah ©ITV

A devastated Toyah breaks down in the Rovers and it’s Eva who is on hand to comfort her, but Eva is racked with guilt knowing she is secretly considering a termination and Toyah has no idea she’s expecting.

Coronation Street
Toyah reveals her surrogate has miscarried her baby ©ITV

But Toyah’s about to find out! Later on the Battersby barmaid is shell-shocked when she overhears Eva confiding in Shona and telling her she still hasn’t filled Aidan in on the fact she’s pregnant!

Coronation Street
Eva feels terrible hiding her own pregnancy secret ©ITV

Toyah immediately rushes over and when she learns what Eva’s considering she begs her not to do anything she will regret and to keep the baby.

Poor Eva feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders as Toyah insists she go with her for another scan at the hospital.

Coronation Street
Toyah insists on taking Eva for another scan ©ITV

Once there, and with the scan underway, the nurse confirms that Eva’s baby is healthy and the reality of her huge dilemma hits the expectant mum.

Will she listen to Toyah and be encouraged to keep the baby? Is she going to tell Aidan what’s going on? Or is there another solution to Eva’s huge baby dilemma?

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