This is the moment Aidan’s heist goes HORRIBLY WRONG in EastEnders!


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As Mick, Keanu, Phil and Vincent gear up for Aidan’s big robbery on New Year’s Day, things are about to go terribly wrong....

While many of us will be battling hangovers on New Year’s Day and reaching for the bacon, eggs and paracetemol, Mick Carter and his gang of dodgy chums will be preparing to pull off a heist set to make them very rich men. However things are set to spiral out of control and things are about to go BADLY wrong! And we mean B-A-D-L-Y…

Phil is waiting for boss, Aidan ©BBC

As the day of the big job approaches, Mick’s mum Shirley has noticed her son’s shifty behaviour and when she realises he’s plotting something with Irish con Aidan, she takes VERY drastic action to stop Mick meeting up with the gang.

Aidan's furious that Mick hasn't shown up ©BBC

Meanwhile Sharon is also aware Phil is up to no good, (we take that as a given, Phil is pretty much ALWAYS up to no good), but when her hubby assures her that everything is fine, she knows better than to push him for answers and risk getting a red-faced, husky-voiced, tongue- lashing.

Tensions mount as the countdown begins ©BBC

When Aidan gathers his crew he’s furious that Mick is a no show, (that’ll be Shirl’s meddling), and Vincent, Keanu and Phil are also starting to get jittery.

However, as if by magic, just in the nick of time, Mick appears on the scene and gets into his position with Keanu, posing as a construction worker.

Mick finally arrives and gets into position with Keanu ©BBC

Meanwhile, realizing that Mick has escaped, Shirl is in a panic and calls Linda saying they must track Mick down pronto.

The pair are posing as a couple of construction workers ©BBC

Sure enough, the two women manage to locate the AWOL landlord, but just as they do, the job starts to rapidly fall apart as Vincent and Phil realise they are in way over their heads.

Keanu starts to worry when things don't appear to be going to plan ©BBC

As panic starts to take hold, it’s clear the heist is a whole lot more dangerous than any of them had anticipated and as events start to spiral dangerously out of control Mick and Keanu are plunged into terror.

What's about to go wrong? ©BBC

“Some of the guys are out of their depth, Keanu being one of them”, says Danny Walters who plays him. “There are a whole lot of things that go wrong and don’t go to plan.”

Mick and Keanu create a distraction but is it too little too late ©BBC

EEK! Who is going to get out of the dangerous mess unscathed, who will be facing another stretch behind bars and who could be paying the price with their life?

One thing is guaranteed: 2018 is going to kick off in Walford with one almighty BANG....

Watch the dramatic action unfold in EastEnders in an hour-long episode on New Year’s Day, BBC1, 9pm

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