RHOCheshire: Seema Malhotra opens up about what controversial Housewife Paige Chohan is really like

Paige joins the cast as a full-time Housewife for series 17 and fans have thoughts

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Only three more sleeps until a new series of The Real Housewives of Cheshire is upon us and we have to say, the buzz around series 17 is buzzing. With new Housewives, legendary guests, dramatic departures, new friendship dynamics and a couple of lavish – and no doubt chaotic – ladies holidays (of course), we just know the latest series is going to be a golden one.

The cast of series 17
The cast of series 17 ©©Monkey Kingdom

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Naturally, the Housewives are currently working overtime doing everything they can to tease eager fans ahead of the series launch on Monday 25 March 2024, which of course means plenty of juicy Instagram Q&As. This week, the spiciest Q&A was served up by OG Seema Malhotra who took the opportunity to lay down some truths in response to one particularly seething question about her good friend, series 16 guest turned official cast member, Paige Chohan.

Paige Chohan
Paige came between friends Seema and Hanna last season ©©Monkey Kingdom

A little refresh for the benefit of those who don’t write about these ladies every day; Paige joined the cast of series 16 as a guest (and real life friend of Seema). Basically, before the last tagline had been delivered in episode one Paige had already spectacularly fallen out with Hannah Kinsella and Rachel Lugo and, well, that was a common theme for the majority of the series. Rattling two of the show’s biggest stars was always going to ruffle a few feathers and Paige certainly did that to fans of the show - with many calling for her to be removed from the show and/pledging not to watch if she was ever given full Housewife status. Spoiler alert: she’s now a main character.

Seema used the opportunity to shed some light on the real Paige - who is expecting her first child with husband Amir - in response to the charged fan question, "Why are they bringing back Paige? The viewers aren't happy."

Seema Malthora
Seema Malthora ©©Monkey Kingdom

Seema told her followers, "I don't like this question but I will answer it.

"The viewers have really not got to know the Paige that I know and some of the other girls know. She's amazing, kind, and I said earlier the world that we are living in, we need to be nice.

Seema then metaphorically took her earrings off, put her bag down (metaphorically) and asked, "What is wrong with everyone? Just be kind and get to know her and you're going to love her as much as we all do."

Seema ©Instagram/Seema Malhotra

Paige has joined the cast of series 17 alongside new girl Ellie Egar and returning guest Housewives/OGs Tanya Bardsley and Ampika Pickston.

Hanna Kinsella recently confirmed that she would not be returning for series 17 after months of speculation – and one spectacular fallout with one Paige Chohan.

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