RHOCHeshire’s Seema Malhotra lifts lid on show spin-off

The ladies have already been cruising and attended Manchester Pride. But what's next?

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Somehow, yet another iconic series of The Real Housewives of Cheshire is now behind us and we'd say we're feeling a little lost, but let's be honest we've got Love Island now – ITV know what they're doing. They basically own our souls and we're just fine with that, because the entertainment is giving and giving.

That's not to say we're not missing the ladies of Cheshire, but it's safe to say they gave us everything we needed from that epic series 17 reunion – too much so, in fact.

Honestly, our thoughts go out to whoever's job it was at ITVX to transcribe the subtitles for that reunion because 90 percent of that hour was the cast talking/shouting over one another.

Seema Malthora, Lauren Simon, Lystra Adams, Sheena Lynch, Rachel Lugo, Paige Chohan, Nicole Sealey and Ell Egar.
Seema Malthora, Lauren Simon, Lystra Adams, Sheena Lynch, Rachel Lugo, Paige Chohan, Nicole Sealey and Ell Egar. ©©Monkey Kingdom

We feel your pain, Ell. Nobody could get a word in edgeways.

It's safe to say all is not well in Cheshire, with a serious divide (possibly the most extreme in the show's history) amongst the group; one that certainly was not resolved in the reunion.

Honestly, if we tried to summarise each individual argument in this article we'd go over our word limit, so we suggest you give it a watch if you haven't already.

We've still not had time to fully process that wild final episode, but it seems our Housewives are already thinking ahead to future episodes. Not only does 2025 mark the ten-year anniversary of RHOCheshire, but there's whispering amongst fans that the ladies might just be congregating for yet another spin-off mini-series later this year. These spin-offs started in 2022 with Christmas Cruising and continued with the Pride Special last summer.

During one of her frequent Instagram Q&As, Seema Malhotra was asked whether a mini series for 2024 was on the cards and to our surprise, she shared what she knew with her 264,000 Instagram followers.

Seema Malhotra
Seema Malhotra ©©Monkey Kingdom

Seema told RHOCheshire fans, "We've only just finished filming series 17, and I think at the end of this month we find out if there is a mini-series. So let's put it out there and fingers crossed we'll be back on your screens shortly. You guys love a bit of drama."

There you have it, Seema is requesting nationwide manifestation from us, RHOCheshire fans – so let's get to it.

One's thing for sure, if it does happen, Tanya Bardsley will probably wee herself and we'll keep loving her for it because she is all of us.

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