EXCLUSIVE CBB: Lauren Simon’s daughter reveals which housemate is ‘game playing’

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star is currently taking part in Celebrity Big Brother with the likes of Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

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If you're not watching Celebrity Big Brother we can wholeheartedly say you're missing out on a new wave of golden television. We admit, just as we did when ITV relaunched the civilian edition in October 2023, we had our doubts, but ITV's Celebrity Big Brother reboot is truly up there with "I'm claustrophobic, Darren", "F**k off, Gillian McKeith" and "David's dead".

So stop going out and having a life and stay in and watch CBB night after night like the rest of us because as younger individuals much cooler than us would say, it's giving.

As such, we'll take any CBB gossip going right now, including anything and everything that the celebs' nearest and dearest are willing to spill.

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If you're a Real Housewives of Cheshire fan you'll know that the Housewives have been working overtime waving their co-star's Lauren Simon's flag on their socials while finishing off scenes for series 17; encouraging fans to vote for Lozza on the BB app and spilling tea about the reality star. And now it seems Lauren's daughter, Gigi Simon, has taken the baton, agreeing to share her thoughts on absolutely everything CBB exclusively with Closer. What a gem.

During our chinwag with Lauren's 19-year-old daughter, not only did she give us an insight into the real Lauren and just how she ended up on CBB (turns out they asked her to go on years ago), but she shared her thoughts on Lauren's friendship with X Factor legend Louis Walsh.

While it's apparent that Gigi is glad her mum has a good friend in the house in the form of Louis, his recent behaviour has "knocked her back" and led the young star to believe he's "playing the game", going on to admit that as things stand, she "doesn't know where she stands with him".

Louis Walsh and Lauren Simon
Louis Walsh and Lauren Simon ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

Lauren and Louis connected on day one (alongside Sharon Osbourne and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu), and have grown close over the last week or so. However, last night (Monday 11 March), both Lauren and Louis were put up for eviction by their fellow housemates and Louis told Lauren (who was up for eviction the week before, also), "We got too close in the house", insinuating that it's Lauren's fault he's up for eviction. Savage or just Louis? That's been the million dollar question since day one...

Naturally, Gigi was going to have a fair bit to say on this given that her mum is at the centre of this drama. She explained in detail, "It was weird because in the beginning, when [Louis] did the whole bed situation, I thought they wouldn't have become the best of friends. But now they have.

"And then last episode, it was interesting, because he got voted the most after her and then they were having a conversation and he essentially blamed her for being in that position, which I thought was very interesting.

Louis Walsh on Celebrity Big Brother
Louis ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

"I started to like him naturally because he started to be there for my mum. But ever since that happened where he sort of said, ‘Oh, we got too close in the house’, it's knocked me back with him. I don't know where I stand with him anymore. I think I'm very much back to square one with him. You think you like him because he's doing something. But it just turns out that it's only benefiting him.

"I feel like he's playing the game. But also, maybe they'll stay friends. But I don't think he's got pure intentions."

Lauren Simon
Lauren ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

When asked whether he thought Louis and Lauren would continue their friendship on the outside, Gigi didn't hold back, "I feel they'll have a relationship. For example, if she's in London, or if she's out and about and he happens to be there, they'll be friends. Will she see him? Absolutely. But will she be wary of someone like him? Yeah. Especially after she comes out because she's got very much goggles in there. Because she's only seeing what she's experiencing. So she's not taking in all the other opinions and all the other aspects. So as soon as she comes out, I'm gonna give her a quick rundown."

In other news, Gigi Simon is our new favourite nepo baby.

Lauren, Louis and Fern Britton will be the next housemates to face the public vote ahead of tonight's (Tuesday 12 March 2024) live eviction. Revealed on last night's episode of Celebrity Big Brother_,_ the contestants learned that Lauren, Louis and Zeze received the most nominations from their fellow housemates this week.

However, celebrity lodger Sharon was given the power to save one of the nominated housemates from eviction, after watching them all make their nominations earlier that day. Sharon decided to save Zeze from eviction and chose Fern to face the eviction alongside Lauren and Louis.


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