EXCLUSIVE: David Potts opens up on joining The Real Housewives of Cheshire

'It's an easy commute to work'

David Potts

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When Celebrity Big Brother made its grand return, it gifted us with so many memorable moments and gave some beloved celebs a well-deserved comeback. The most memorable housemate had to be David Potts, who after three weeks in the Big Brother house was crowned the winner.

This victory naturally made us want to see more of the former Ibiza Weekender host, and when he sat down with Closer to discuss his next potential project, The Real Housewives of Cheshire was of course the most natural thing for us to suggest.

“I remember I watched the first series of it when it first came out because I was like, ‘Oh, they’re finally doing a ‘housewives’ in England.’ But I mean, if you want me to be a housewife!” How many times do we have to say yes, Paul?

There’s only one minor problem with Paul being the newest housewife. “I’m not from Cheshire! I literally live like 45 minutes away from Cheshire. Easy commute to work!” That sounds like a doable sacrifice to us. His CBB pal Lauren Simon could surely put in a good word for him.

David Potts Lauren Simon

It isn’t just RHOC that Paul has his eye on. When we asked him what other reality shows he’d consider, there was a few on the list, and we’re here for all of them.

“I’d be awful in the jungle. I would actually be the worst person that ever went on. Great TV for everyone, petrifying for me. However, I would go in for the weight loss! I don't even like rice, so I’d be like, ‘Send a load of beans down. Maybe a jacket potato.’ I've always enjoyed watching Hunted actually…”

It sounds like he’s ready for a considerably more daring role.

He admitted, “I like putting myself into a position where it's out of my comfort zone. As I was doing Weekender, I got really comfortable with it because I've done it since 2015 so nearly 10 years. So, I always enjoy doing things that are out of my comfort zone, like when I did Karaoke Club and the detox show, and then Big Brother again was out of my comfort zone.”

David Potts
David Potts could go on any show and we'd tune in ©Imago

We can’t forget of course that David also appeared on Celebs Go Dating back in 2019- and if you did forget, surely you’ll remember him asking his date, ‘What’s linguine?’

But would he be up for going on the dating show for a second time?

“I mean I’m still single. I wouldn't say no to doing it. I am the type of person where eventually I want to get married. And I'm running out of options in Bolton. So, unless I move somewhere else, I think I'm going to need some kind of expert help.”

Honestly, we’d watch him on anything and everything, so get him on Celebs Go Dating, Married at First Sight, Traitors, the lot.

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