Love Island’s Whitney Adebayo: her age, job, Instagram and relationship with Lochan Nowacki

It's giving QUEEN and we predict a long reign


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Love Island has been and gone for another year and as much as we adore the Islanders we will be glad to have the last few weeks of summer back.

We know it's not their fault we annually obsess over the lives of several hot twenty-something singletons looking for romance somewhere warm and sunny, but there is no denying that we do - and this year was no different.

One Love Island 2023 contestant, in particular, who deserved ALL of our attention was bombshell Whitney Adebayo.

Joining the Spanish villa on day three, Whitney was a whirlwind of fabulous outfits, iconic phrases and brutal honesty. It's giving QUEEN and we predict a long reign.

Although Whitney was previously voted by the viewers as being in the 'most compatible' couple alongside bae Lochan Nowacki, the duo ended up coming in second place, with Jess Harding and Sammy Root taking the crown.

Now she is out of the villa we cannot wait to see what Whitney will achieve.

We're thinking... world domination?

Whitney came in 2nd place alongside Lochan

Who is Whitney Adebayo?

Whitney entered the Love Island villa as a bombshell in episode three and ended up coming in second place with Lochan Nowacki.

How old is Whitney Adebayo?

Whitney is 25 years old.

Where is Whitney Adebayo from?

Whitney is from London.

What does Whitney Adebayo do?

Whitney is an entrepreneur who has her own beauty brand called CC Hair, but we can imagine her becoming a household name in no time after her unforgettable time on Love Island, so we're anticipating a juicy CV in her future.

Who was Whitney Adebayo coupled up with?

Whitney first went on a a date with André Furtado where she quizzed him about why he had just been dumped by Catherine Agbaje. We knew from that moment she would be a fabulous Islander.

André and Whitney never officially coupled up and the Londoner was first with Mehdi Edno. During their time together Whitney and Mehdi had their fair share of rows before he was booted out of the villa on day 23.

The couple were accused of being 'smug' but their fellow Islanders

It wasn't until Casa Amor hit that Whitney found true romance in the form of bombshell, Lochan, Whitney brought him back to the main villa and they lasted all the way to the final.

What happened with Whitney Adebayo and Ella Thomas?

One of Whitney's besties in the villa was Ella Thomas, who also made it to the final with her boyfriend Tyrique Hyde. But in a row NONE of us saw coming the pals fell out after Whitney called Ella 'selfish' after #showergate.

It was a short-lived feud as they soon hashed it out and were back to being BFFs in no time.


Are Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki still together?

Yup, although they are exclusive, the duo revealed they are yet to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

What has Whitney Adebayo said about Mehdi?

The Love Island reunion was an absolute car crash, with Scott van-der-Sluis and Catherine making eyes at each other all night and all of the Islanders coming for Kady McDermott.

It also played host to an awkward AF moment between Whitney and Mehdi when host Maya Jama asked the runner-up how she felt about Mehdi and she simply replied, "I don't care. He's fine. We're cool."

Whitney was first coupled up with Mehdi

What is Whitney Adebayo's Instagram?

You can follow her at @whitbrownsx and now she is out of the villa we are expecting some seriously top tier content.

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