Love Island’s Lochan Nowacki: his age, Instagram and job before the villa

Lochan made it to the final alongside Whitney Adebayo

Lochan Nowacki

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It feels like a lifetime ago that we were introduced to a new batch of Love Island contestants looking for love. To be fair it was over two months ago now and the Islanders always claim that correlates to two years for them.

Jess Harding and Sammy Root were crowned the winners of Love Island 2023 and to be fair they did have one hell of a journey.

Whitney and Lochan Casa Amor
Whitney and Lochan met during Casa Amor week ©©ITV Pl

Second place was given to bombshell Whitney Adebayo and Casa Amor lad, Lochan Nowacki and it's giving fan favourites.

Before he joined the villa and swept Whitney off her feet, Lochan was a working professional don't ya know?

Here's everything you need to know about him...

Lochan was a casa bombshell ©©ITV Plc

Who is Lochan Nowacki?

Lochan is a Love Island 2023 Casa Amor bombshell. He entered the second villa and was brought to the main villa by Whitney.

How old is Lochan Nowacki?

Lochan is 25 years old.

The duo were called 'smug' by the other couples

Where is Lochan Nowacki from?

He is from Windsor.

What is Lochan Nowacki's job?

Before taking part in Love Island, Lochan was an account manager.

Weird that he's not a professional frisbee plays, though but whatever.

The talent show was giving

Who was Lochan Nowacki coupled up with?

Joining during Casa Amor week is never easy but Lochan did pretty well from it. He managed to charm Whitney and made his way to the main villa where they lasted all the way to the final and were even voted 'most compatible' by the viewers.

Are Lochan Nowacki and Whitney Adebayo still together?

They sure are. To be fair it's been, like, three weeks since Love Island came to and but the duo are always posting cute TikTok and Instagram Stories.

Lochan and whitney were voted most compatible by viewers

What is Lochan Nowacki's ethnicity?

Logan is of white and Asian ethnicity. The name Lochan originates from India and comes from a Sanskrit word meaning 'eyes'. His family also celebrate Rakhi Day, a Hindu tradition celebrating the bond between siblings and families.

Lochan Nowacki with a shaved head

Lochan is currently sending flutters across the nation with his rippling muscles, curly locks and bearded jawline (while proving that nice guys don't always finish last with his golden personality).

However, after a deep dive into his and family's socials (look, we've all got to make a living, even us unhinged creative folk), we stumbled across an old family photo of the bombshell's beaut family from a few years ago – featuring a younger Lochan with a shaved head.

Lochan sporting a shaved head in an adorable family photo (Kulminder Nowacki/Facebook)

Of course, he's a Love Island star so he can pretty much pull off any look going (he can pull off any of our looks any time he likes), but still, a bit of a shearing undoubtedly transforms this bombshell.

Does Lochan Nowacki have Instagram?

Yep. Insta stalk away: @lochan_nowacki.

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