Love Island: Molly Smith opens up on ‘emotional times’ for Casey O’Gorman as ex moves on with TOWIE star

It looks like Casey is headed for another break-up

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It’s almost a Love Island tradition at this point that the second a couple leaves that villa, they immediately sign a lease. To be fair, if you've already been living together for two months, maybe it would make sense to just keep going, especially since in your own home you won’t be subjected to the same meals over and over again, let alone an incessant sleep talker.

But for Love Island winner Molly Smith, moving in with her boyfriend Tom Clare would mean breaking up another beloved Love Island couple - Tom and his long-locked bestie, Casey O'Gorman.

The only way to get the real answers is to send in another Love Island legend, in this case, Olivia Attwood. Molly was the latest guest to join Olivia on her podcast, So Wrong It's Right, and she discussed all things Love Island, including her plans to move in with Tom and what that means for Casey.

While Tom now lives in Battersea with his best pal Casey, Molly confirmed our suspicions and admitted that he'll soon be heading up north to be with her.

"He's moving in with me in Manchester. So I know that people will probably think like, Oh it's quite quick, but we've practically lived together from the day we've met, and he's practically living at mine now."

“Slowly but surely there's been drawers getting filled up, so I'm like, he's been moving himself in. Unofficially. He's added a little plan all along, I think.”

Our hearts go out to Casey, who is about to lose his six foot tall life partner and roommate. Molly admitted, "Poor Casey is probably thinking, 'Oh great'... emotional times for Casey, sorry, I'm stealing him. But [Tom’s] moving in with me in Manchester.”

Fans of Love Island will know that Casey’s All Stars journey wasn’t quite as successful as Tom and Molly’s. He was coupled up with Eve Gale, one half of the iconic Jess and Eve Gale, but the relationship was very short-lived, and they called things off just before being dumped from the villa.

Since Eve has now moved on with TOWIE star Demi Sims, and Casey is about to lose the real love of his life, Tom Clare, it really will be emotional times ahead for him.

On the plus side, this means he may be looking for a new roommate, so we’re off to send in an application.

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