Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Chris Taylor reveals All Stars contestant ‘running back to their ex’

'He genuinely is being serious, he does want to get back with Katie'

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To be fair 'running back to your ex' is a past time on Love Island, so is this really news? That's all the latest batch of Islanders seemed to to do on All Stars, but this sounds a bit messier, doesn't it?

You're not wrong, and as such, no prizes for guessing which All Star Love Island 2019's Chris Taylor is referring to here...

Chris Taylor
Chris has opened up about his fellow Islanders ©ITV Pictures

Love Island 2023's 'Messy' Mitch Taylor – oh how we are going to miss writing about your messy antics, unless, of course, you're going on Celebrity Big Brother, which has actually been rumoured in the past, btw. Imagine.

All Stars OG Chris Taylor recently sat down with Closer to spill some scalding hot Love Island secrets and one of them involved Mitch.

As we know Chris pretty well here at Closer HQ, we took the opportunity to ask him some extra spicy questions, including who the heck is this ex from Blackpool that Messy Mitch is apparently trying to shack up with?

Mitch Taylor
Mitch Taylor ©©ITV

A little context for those who missed the Love Island: All Stars final (fair, the final episodes are always a snore fest); host Maya Jama briefly interviewed Mitch – who grew close to Liberty Poole in the All Stars villa – during the finale and for whatever reason he admitted that since leaving the villa he's been "trying to get back with his ex".

Icon Hannah Elizabeth, who was sat next to him at the final, added more context by interjecting, "The Blackpool one?"

Naturally, we now have a million and one questions, but we'll ask three in this article: Who is this ex from Blackpool? How long was Mitch dating her once upon a time? And above all, were they seeing each other while Mitch was perhaps pretending to be single in the All Stars villa?

When asked whether Mitch spoke about an outside love interest in the villa, Chris revealed, "Mitch didn't speak about a secret woman in the villa, but after we got kicked out the boys were in a hotel together and we did say to him, 'What are your plans now?' and he said, 'I'm running back to my ex'."

We all laughed at his response, but Chris then looked us dead in the eye and added, "[Mitch] genuinely is being serious, he does want to get back with Katie from Blackpool. I don't know. She sounds lovely. Apparently she's not giving him anything."

Not much is known about Katie, but according to The Sun, Mitch and her have been "dating for three months – even when in the villa", which if true, would be a MAJOR Love Island rule break (Islanders must obv be single).

Apparently the former couple grew close prior to All Stars, and although Mitch asked Katie to wait for him, she called it quits – and now he really wants her back.

An insider told the publication, "Katie and Mitch were dating for about three months before he did the show and he was desperate for her to wait for him, but she decided to move on.

"Everyone was really surprised when Mitch brought up Katie on the live show.

“It shows he’s serious about her and is prepared to graft to win her back. Katie is really lovely girl and very pretty, but Messy Mitch is up to his old tricks and she's not going to be made a fool of."

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